GTAxSLB ’14 Coverage….Part 2 of 2…

Happy Monday all. Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving holiday weekend and a very average weekend for everyone outside of America, haha…. Today, we’re gonna take a look at some more shots from the Global Time Attack x Super Lap Battle event at Buttonwillow Raceway. If you guys haven’t seen the first part with Vlog #2, make sure to check it out. There are plenty of good shots in there and a video featuring Yuta Akaishi and his Chronicles-endorsed Civic. It’s gonna be much of the same today with the rest of the photos from the late afternoon of GTAxSLB. As mentioned, I didn’t really cover every single car at the event. I just captured the ones that really interested me and spent the rest of the time trying to capture video too. I don’t know where the video thing is headed but it seems like everyone enjoys it so far so I’ll continue to do it at most of the major events I attend. I think it gives that added insight into our world and all that goes on around us. Photos do a good job of telling the story but if there is the ability to make videos, why not, right? Anyways, check the photos out. Tomorrow, I’m gonna put a post specifically dedicated to the Spoon Sports FD2 Civic Type R with the rest of the uncut footage from inside the car courtesy of Dai Yoshihara and Spoon Sports USA. It’s pretty unbelievable just how fast that car is so maybe the onboard video will give you guys some understanding as to how fast it really is…

Just in case you missed the previous post, click the link below to look through it….

The Chronicles Vlog #2: Yuta Akaishi/SLB and GTAxSLB ’14 Coverage….

Enjoy the rest of the photos from that day. Thanks to Global Time Attack and Super Lap Battle for hosting…


Yuta Akaishi and his Civic finished off the day with a best time of 02:04.2. It was more of a shakedown than anything with the Jackson supercharger installed. The whole car is going to be torn apart very soon anyway so we’re excited to see what the car can do with its new powerplant….


Amir Bentatou and the Marvelous Tune/Stanceworks E36 M3 dominated the Enthusiast RWD Class with a impressive 1:58.2 lap time….



Ken Suen’s “Big Red” Civic Si and a glimpse into his engine bay….


Suen reset the Street FWD record with a time of 01:55.6….




John Lazorack’s custom widebody Starquest competed in the highly-competitive Limited RWD Class and finished with a best time of 01:59.5….


Jared Reyes’ Eibach-sponosred Civic was placed in the Unlimited FWD Class and nailed a 01:59.2 lap time….


Ken’s Civic with another set of wheels on and brand new Hankook RS3s….


Renner Motorsport’s Subaru WRX RS with STI swap competed in the Limited AWD Class….


Evasive Motorsports’ Scion FR-S piloted by Rob Walker ran an impressive 01:47.5…


…which was good enough for second place overall in the Limited RWD Class….


Spoon Sports FD2 Type R getting set to head out for another session sans destroyed front splitter….



Kyle Cole and the Lyfe Motorsport R35 GTR ended the day with a second place finish in the Unlimited AWD bracket with a blistering 01:40.4 lap time….



A couple shots of Walker and the Evasive FR-S….


Tim Kuo in the camouflaged Sportcar Motion Integra Type R….


Spoon FD2 rounding a corner at CW13….


Narvaez Racing R35…





Some more of the Evasive Scion since it looked so good out there at Buttonwillow…


Mike Sabounchi and his Subaru Legacy wagon were supposed to compete at this event but he ran into some mechanical problems on the way there….


Sportcar Motion ITR in the paddock area awaiting service….



Eventually, the Spoon Sports USA crew decided to try to repair the broke front splitter in time for the final session…



The front splitter was then remounted just in the nick of time….


Here you can see how it is all held together and how there was a ton of tape used to try to hold it all together…


Most of you have probably never seen the trunk removed from the Spoon FD2….


Aaron Wang refueling the Civic with race gas. The trunk comes off pretty easily so the fuel cell is accessible….


Once the splitter was re-attached, they used padding and tape to fill in the gaps of the bumper/splitter combo….


Aaron chatting with Dai Yoshihara before he heads out for their final session…


The front end was all together again and ready for competition….


Maxxis Tire/Platte Forme AG BMW M3 looked spectacular on bronze Volk ZE40s. It finished the day running a best time of 01:51.7…..



The story of the day went to the GST Motorsports “GST-L”, which destroyed the Unlimited AWD record at Buttonwillow with a time of 01:39.0. It almost didn’t seem fair seeing how fast this thing was going around the track. Congrats to GST and Jeff Westphal for the win and the new record…


The FFTEC Motorsports Evolution 8 ran a 01:47.4….


One more of the Narvaez Racing GTR….


Ultimately, the repaired front splitter did not hold-up on the Spoon Sports Civic. There just wasn’t enough rigidity in the set-up and they called it a day with a best lap time of 1:48.016….


Bobby Lane Racing’s Accord coupe ran a very respectable 01:55.2….


Tim Kuo and the Sportcar Motion ITR lost by literally one-tenth of a second in the Limited FWD Class. Kuo ran a 01:51.9 and the RSX that placed first ran a 01:51.8…..



Wrapping it up with some shots of the Spoon FD2R as the sun set at Buttonwillow Raceway. I had really hoped to see it break the FWD record but there will always be another time. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see even more shots of this thing in action along with 8-minutes of on-board video…

Thanks for looking guys. I think I might make a better effort to attend more track events next year. We’ll see, haha….

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  1. Joey, GST destroyed the AWD record, not the RWD record… which is still in debate though.

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