It’s JDM Yo!! Charity Car Meet 2014 Coverage….


There aren’t a whole lot of photos in this set but I did manage to find some time to grab some photos at the It’s JDM Yo!! x Prestige Marketing Toy Drive event over the weekend. Tony from Its JDM Yo!! had actually told me about this a while back and I told him I was totally down to head out there to show support. It is always good to do something charitable, especially during the holiday season, so it was cool to see all the toys laid out on the table in front of the Quickly boba spot in Irvine. I had something to take care of earlier in the day but I managed to get there in time to see some friends and to check out all the cars there. I had my camera with me but I didn’t really feel like doing a whole lot of shooting I felt that my time would be better served chatting with friends and seeing how the toy drive went. It is the holidays after all and I probably wouldn’t get to see many of these guys after the meet. Tony seemed pretty happy with the results and it just seemed like a chill time. The sun was setting and it provided the perfect amount of light, so I ended-up grabbing my camera. Enjoy….


Autofashion USA’s Phantom Gamu LS430 on SSR Professor SP1 wheels….


Haven’t really had the opportunity to see my buddy Sam in awhile so it was good to catch-up with him and check out his Spoon-themed NSX on Arcane Streetwalker wheels…



Sam’s supercharged NA2 NSX is one of the rare NSXs in the country rocking a Spoon Sports front bumper and Spoon side mirrors…


Of course, a traditional Spoon-theme wouldn’t be complete without the classic Spoon Sports banner….


GReddy/Rocket Bunny R35 GTR that I somehow missed at the SEMA Show this year. Good to finally see it in person at this event…


VeilSide Fortune NSX from Team Legacy and the Its JDM Yo!! crew….


I’m sure you guys have had plenty of opportunities to see Michael Mao’s twin-turbo NSX in 2014…


Right next to Mao’s NSX was Yogi’s custom widebody Vertex Lexus GS which was just recently completed in time for the 2014 SEMA Show….


Leon Casino’s NSX running a pair of rare Vision side mirrors and a custom rear diffuser…



Luigi Arroyo’s J’s Racing GT widebody S2000 from Limitless Society…


Another angle of his S2000 on bronze Volk Racing ZE40s…


Keith has been busy trying to sell his IS300 lately so he decided to cruise out to the Toys for Tots event in his daily Accord sedan….


Voltex widebody Mitsu Evolution on 3-piece Work Meister S1 wheels. Also make note of the Ganador side mirrors….


Full Varis-kitted Subaru WRX STI on black Advan Racing GT wheels…

As mentioned, I didn’t shoot a whole lot so that is pretty much it, haha. Okay, go on with your day now. Thanks for looking!…

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