AF VIP Festival 2014 Coverage….Part 2 of 2…

What’s everyone! Gonna kick off the week with the rest of the photos from the 2014 Autofashion USA VIP Festival. Hope you guys have taken the time to check out the final entry of my 3rd Vlog series which was accompanied with the first portion of the VIP Festival photos. Not a whole lot left to say about this one. It was definitely a long week after SEMA in Vegas and then heading straight to San Diego after a couple hours of rest back in L.A. I think we were all a little worn-out and were slightly dozing off on the drive home after the Festival. I thoroughly embraced the experience from Year.SIX to VIP Festival and everything in between. Towards the end of the day, we all made the short drive to grab some Mexican food at my favorite San Diego taco shop. It has almost become a tradition now to hit up Lolita’s after the annual VIP Festival. I grew up in San Diego and the great Mexican food is one of the things I miss the most. You just can’t get really great Mexican food up here in Los Angeles so it just seems appropriate to indulge in some greasy burritos and tacos, you know what I mean? Anyways, check out the photos and thanks to Freddie and the rest of the guys from Autofashion USA for making room for us and always showing love. Enjoy!….


The great thing about the annual VIP Festival is that there is a pretty wide range of vehicles that make an appearance. It is catered to the Japanese VIP style crowd but for the most part, all types of different builds come out to support Autofashion USA….


Flared Lexus 2GS on Leon Hardiritt Waffes….


Johnny’s Lexus IS-F representing PURE VIP on gold-faced Rotiform WRW wheels….


Jeff Correa’s bagged and vinyl-wrapped FA5 Civic on Superstar Ordens….


Gilbert Susana’s SR-swapped Datsun 510 always looking great on SSR Techno Phantom wheels…


My Q45 and DPK David’s LS430….


Another shot of DPK David’s LS…


…and the ass-end of my Aimgain Y33….


Dennis Kiyan’s dark purple 1st generation Toyota Celica liftback on Work Meister CR-01 wheels….


Phaze2 Yogi’s custom Vertex 3GS….


Jesse’s LS430 posted next to the It’s JDM Yo!! booth….



Kyoei USA’s pink vinyl-wrapped Aimgain Lexus LS460 and it’s custom painted engine covers….


Jin from Kyoei USA’s Aimgain LS400 which is currently for sale….


Complete Aimgain-equipped Toyota Prius also built by Kyoei USA…


Anthony Corona’s custom widened Y34 M….


Autofashion USA’s Phantom Gamu LS430 aka the “AFHOR30” prominently displayed next to their booth….


Nice custom touch with the “AF” badge on the carbon fender pieces…


Junction Produce big brake kit up front and black-faced SSR Professor SP1 wheels….


Kevin from Autofashion’s BMW M4 coupe featuring Vorsteiner aero and BBS LMs….


Ojay Bayang’s Avanzare Previa….


Autofashion Elroy’s candy red 1st gen. Lexus GS. The paint was freshly done in time for the VIP Festival and still needed the finishing touches, but the detailed airbrushing really popped under the bright sun that day….


Big fan of this 2GS from SquadOne on Leon Hardiritt Beils. The interior is very well-done as well as the custom trunk set-up….


Wes from Squad One’s 2GS….


Charles Thompson’s Y33 Q from Squad One….


One more of my Aimgain Euro Q45 on SSR Professor MS3s….


When in San Diego, of course, I gotta hit up my favorite Mexican food spot, Lolita’s Taco Shop. Above is my California Burrito which is filled with guacamole, carne asada, cheese, and fries….


Der’s half-order of Carne Asada Fries….


Robert had never eaten at Lolita’s before so we had to make sure he ordered the right thing…


…so he got a order of Surf & Turf Fries which consists of carne asada and shrimp on top of guacamole and cheese fries… The taco seemed like a bit too much food combined with the fries but Robert really likes to eat so he made it work…

That wraps up the 2014 VIP Festival coverage. Congrats to Autofashion USA on ten great years and here is to many, many more. Thanks for looking!!…

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