Sights From Nakayama Circuit Japan…Part 2 of 2…

Gonna keep it brief on this Sunday evening. Rest in Peace to the great Stuart Scott from ESPN. Shocked to hear of his passing but will always remember growing-up watching him on TV and enjoying his candor. Many of our generation grew up watching television shows and cartoons, some of us who were really into sports watched Sportscenter every day and night. Stuart Scott was a face we saw every single day and it seemed as if he was a regular part of our every day lives. Now he’s gone. In a way, I felt like I lost a friend today even though I never had the honor of meeting him. Condolences to his family and friends, we lost a great man today…

He put everything into what he did and left a little breath of his spirit in his work. What we can all do in his memory is be inspired and do the same…

Here are the rest of the photos from that snowy day on Nakayama Circuit, Japan. Thank you to my friend Yasutaka Shimomukai for taking the time to capture these photos so I can show the world. You may not always agree with what some of these guys do on the street with their cars or how they style or do what they do, but you can and should respect them. They are automotive enthusiasts like you with a different upbringing and who choose to carry on the tradition that enthusiasts before them created. They cruise the streets, enjoy their cars on the track, and just have their own unique way of doing things. I can appreciate that. Enjoy and have a good evening….




ACROSS EF9 Civic SiR. Check out the center-exit exhaust. Currently one of my favorite Hondas from Japan. it just all comes together so well as a package and is always, instantly recognizable….


A simple, functional Honda with little hints of style knows no geographical limits….


Wonder Civic doing work three decades later…


Red Bull EF9 from NO GOOD, livery and paint by Car Make ACROSS….


Fellow enthusiasts looking on as Ryuji works on his EF in the paddock area….


A glimpse through the red-tinted rear window reveals a custom fuel cell set-up…


The interior of the Red Bull EF9 in all its raw glory…



A look at the J’s Racing wide fenders on this EG along with the vented carbon hood…


Spoon replica EK9 goes hard….


Beefy fitment on this Civic…


Another of the white EG hatch on Volk Racing wheels… I believe this was piloted by Atsuki periodically through the day…


AT Civic from Osaka JDM tailed closely by a white EK9 Civic Type R…


Spoon-style EK and ACROSS EF….


Can’t get enough of Yamauchi’s build….


Still feels a little weird seeing Atsuki’s old Work wheels on another car since they were so recognizable on his EG….


EF9 from Garage M-TEC representing LATE RISER…


Atsuki strapping down his helmet…


The B16A powerplant of the ACROSS EF Civic….


Thank you for the support Yamauchi-san, hopefully I’ll be seeing you soon!….


Japanese Civic Heaven…


The snow and slick track conditions left some cars wounded and detached. Here is the magenta EF after it went off course and crashed into a barrier, destroying the passenger fender and SSR wheel….


Banzai Attack K20 EF9 with its signature SARD fuel rail poking through its carbon hood…



Nothing but the bare essentials in this multi-colored EG….


An SSR Type-C that has seen better days…



Banzai Attack EF in action, looking great on bronze Volk CE28N….


15-inch TEs doing their duty on this EG…


For those wondering, that is a Chargespeed hood…


Atsuki prepping for the next session in the white EG…

Later in the day, Yasu found some time to head over to Okayama to check out the Formula Drift Asia event that coincided with the Fatlace Offset Kings car show. He didn’t get too many photos but he did manage to grab some good stuff here and there…


The Ridox Toyota Supra from RS*R on display….


Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italia in white….


Liberty Walk R35 GTR on LB*Performance wheels…


Trio of Lamborghinis from RSC Tuning…



1048Style and Bad Quality Rocket Bunny S14 Silvia Zenki on Airlift suspension and Work Seeker wheels…


EuroMagic Voomeran MK2 Golf…


EuroMagic Voomeran MK3 on bright red Rotiform wheels…



Rocket Bunny S13 180SX with a tubbed and shaved engine bay….


Our friend Masashi Kameoka’s Toyota Mark X….


Kunnyz Goodyear Mark X driven by Kuniaki Takahashi….


Masato Kawabata’s Team Toyo Tires/TRUST Racing R35 GTR….

Again, not a whole lot from the FD Asia event but I didn’t expect Yasu to shoot there anyway so it’s all good. Hope you guys enjoyed the coverage. Thanks for looking….

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  1. Not usually a fan of the Zenki front end but the 1048style rocket bunny seems to pull it off!

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