HKS Custom Car Carnival & Premium Day 2015 Coverage…Part 2 of 2…

What’s up everyone… Here are the rest of the photos from this year’s HKS Custom Car Carnival and Premium Day event. In Part 1, you got to see some of the cars in the Custom Car Carnival but today, we’re going to show you guys some random shots of some of the builds on the Premium Day side. There’s some cool race car stuff in here that I think everyone will enjoy. I gotta head out and get some work done so enjoy and have a good weekend!…




A true rarity at HKS Premium Day 2015 was this Michelotti LM-inspired Ferrari F40…


Right next to it was yet another unusual sight at the HKS event, a Mercedes SLS AMG…


HKS Kamikaze-R in the paddock on jackstands…


A Toyota Mark II that competes in the Formula Drift Asia series minus its face….


HKS GT1000 R35 getting some much needed attention before the next session…


Endless Super Taikyu BMW Z…


Center-lock Enkei wheels off the Endless BMW….


Top Fuel S2000RR…


Widebody Lancer Evolution tucked in the corner…


Esprit NSX…



Varis BMW Z4 that debuted at Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this year…


NA2 Honda NSX on old WED’S TC005 wheels…


Concave Advan Racing GT wheels off the Top Fuel S2000RR….



Pretty cool to have the Top Fuel S2K just sitting in the paddock which allowed for some better, more detailed photos…


Massive Endless big brake kit and custom front carbon splitter from Voltex….


Here you can see just how wide the front splitter is…


Custom dash, center console, and cage of the S2000RR…


Floor-mounted Tilton pedal set-up…


Turbocharged F22C…


Notice the thin carbon trunk spoiler and Car Shop Glow taillights…


Here’s more of the Esprit NSX…


Like the S2000RR, the Esprit build also features a huge front carbon splitter…


Dry carbon fiber vents riveted to the wide front fenders of the NSX…



Dry carbon fear bumper, diffuser, and GT wing….


Dry carbon roof skin, rear glass replacement panel, and engine set-up of the NSX. Here you can see how the cage runs through the cockpit…


The rear trunk panel even has a massive scoop to drive air into the motor…



Nice touch with the carbon gas cap on the NSX…


Hewland Sequential Gear Box on the NSX….


HKS Hipermax Toyota 86 drift car built to compete in the D1 Grand Prix series….



The legendary HKS Racing Group A BNR32 Skyline GT-R alive and well… Now it is more of a museum piece but it is great to see it still around being that it has such a rich history in the growth of the Japanese automotive tuning world…



A Ben Sopra R35 being currently being built. I believe this is actually Daigo Saito’s new GTR that will debut later this year….


HKS CT230R featuring their CNG/gasoline Bi-Fuel System….


This turbocharged EK is just insane. Love the C-West front bumper with the custom vents, the huge front fender flares, and the Bomex sideskirts….


Deep concave Volk TE37 and beefy Hankook Ventus TD rubber….


Check out the EK4 rear bumper with the custom vents cut-out of it….


“The Chronicles” award at HKS Premium Day’s Custom Car Carnival went to the owner of the M&M-kitted FD2 Civic Type R….


Yasu sent me photos during the event and had me pick my favorite car at the show and this was an easy choice for me. Love how wild the M&M kit looks and how aggressive it makes the FD2 appear….


I wish there were more photos to show you guys since it was such an epic event, but I’ll try my best to make it out there next year to see the show for myself and cover everything in the paddock area. Thanks for looking everyone!…

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  1. Hey Joey. Question about the Esprit NSX. The engine orientation caught my eye. Did the mount the engine longitudinally in order to use the sequential transmission? Are they like that in JGTC/Super GT as well?

    I know this is an old post, but I’m so far behind on the blog side. I need to catch up. Honestly it is kind of cool reading all this stuff. It’s like a recap because I’m current with the vlogs. Also, reading your words along with the photos adds a lot to the vlogs. Keep up the good work. I’m a long time reader and I hope you are around for a long time. Aloha.

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