Wekfest Japan 2015 Official Pre-Meet Coverage…

As many of you know, the annual Wekfest Japan event is coming up in a few short months and the official Pre-Meet took place recently in Osaka, Japan. Normally, the official Pre-Meet takes place the day before the actual event happens but apparently, the Japanese just like to do things differently. There were some familiar faces there as usual but the rain came down pretty hard, making it difficult to cover the event. Still, my boy Yasu Shimomukai came through once again and was able to capture some of the cars present at the meet. It is a pretty short update compared to most that you’re used to here on the site but still good nonetheless. Enjoy and thanks for looking! Wekfest Japan takes place on May 3rd, 2015 at Port Messe in Nagoya, Japan. I can’t wait!….




I don’t know how Tomoyuki Sasaki keeps his Civic so clean being that he drives this thing anywhere in any type of weather. It was looking great at the WFJP Pre-Meet and I believe he has some new surprises for the official Wekfest event in two months…


Keisuke Morita’s USDM LHD Scion FR-S on CCW LM5…


Masashi Kameoka left his EF9 at home for the evening and decided to roll comfortably in his Toyota Mark X on Work Meister S1…


Interesting wheel set-up on this slammed ZF1 Honda CR-Z…


Hiroki Nakano’s USDM LHD Mercedes Benz C-Class on custom 3-piece MAE Crown Jewels…


This Spoon Sports-inspired EK is perhaps one of the closest replicas to the actual Spoon EK, minus the aggressive Work Meister CR-01 wheels of course. More interesting to note is that this replica actually has Spoon Sports side mirrors and the real Spoon EK doesn’t even have them, haha….


Mao Nakai from 9010 Design cruised out to the meet in his bright purple/yellow-themed Nissan Skyline sedan…


EF8 Honda CR-X slammed on Rotiform NUEs….


Very unique-look on this S13 Silvia with a flat-faced, spoke-less wheel…


NB Roadster with a nice deep green tone and Work Equip 03s. Also note the Cusco cage peeking through the windows…


Nicely-done Toyota Aqua (Prius-C here in the U.S.) on forged iForce FD-70S wheels…


Traditional look on this S30 Fairlady flared-out on RS Watanabe wheels…


Kouki UCF30 Celsior on Work Meister S1…


GRS204 Crown Athlete Modellista also on Work Meister S1…


BBS Super RS wheels on this Celsior…


This UCF20 Celsior sat really aggressively on rarely-seen SSR Koenig wheels…

And well, that’s about it. Again, the weather made it difficult to shoot but there will be plenty more to see when the actual Wekfest Japan event takes place. Thanks for looking!…

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  4. want to see more off that black ridgeline by the mazda miata

  5. Want to see more of the black honda ridgeline by the mazda miata

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