Track And Show Japan 2015 Coverage…Part 3 of 3…

Well…this is it. The last and final section of the 2015 Track And Show event at Fuji Speedway. Today we look at some more cool builds captured by Shota Mori from an event highlighted by its diversity. There were plenty of traditional Japanese vehicles present but the Track And Show event also featured a ton of Euros/Exotics as well as classic American muscle. It would have been cool to see a ’67 Camaro rip through Fuji Speedway alongside a EF9 Civic but the American classics were kept in pristine condition on the show-side of the event. Either way, the event looks like a lot of fun. Very random, yes, but I think the diversity really makes for a fun time for all car lovers. I probably don’t need to mention it by now, since many of you guys follow me on various social media outlets, but I am currently in Japan in preparation for the Wekfest event in Nagoya. I appreciate the patience and understanding if there is a lesser amount of activity to come in the next few days. I try my best to pump out good content for you guys but it just takes time…

Thanks to Shota Mori for the great content during my down time… Enjoy the coverage folks…




I don’t know if you guys remember this Z31 Fairlady but I posted some photos of it from another track event a couple years ago. Actually it might have been less than that but at that time, it already had the Barramundi Eleven wheels on it but the fender flares were just primered and had yet to be painted. I always was a fan of this particular chassis dating back to when I was a little kid. I remember I had a toy car of it and I always carried it around with me. I don’t want to build one or anything but I do enjoy looking at them whenever a fine example of one pops up like the one above. There’s just some so very “80s” about it that reminds me about my childhood and why I fell in love with cars…



AP Garage’s E91 BMW Wagon that’s been re-imagined to look like an E92 M3. Wheels are forged I.Force FD-50HD wheels in white….


Love the front end on this Nissan Skyline/Infiniti Q50 in satin bronze…


Mean looking Camaro parked next to the Z31. It still trips me out even now when I see American domestics floating around in Japan…


Lexus LS bagged on Airrunner suspension….


One more of the VW Eos from yesterday’s post…


Is it scary that we automatically assume that every modded Porsche we see online these days is a Rauh Welt build? Here is a pair of non-RWB Porsches on Japanese Work Meister wheels…



Black-on-black Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italia on SSR Executors…


The LB*Works Ferrari parked near the R3Garage booth which displayed a race-prepped Porsche 997…


Bagged and flared Subaru Legacy on WED’S Sport SA15R…


Another shot of the 458 featuring a Exart exhaust system….


4-door VW GTI hatchback on Work Meister M1R….



A bit odd to see a bagged Volkswagen Jetta/Bora on Volk Racing TE37SL….




SKILLS EG6 Civic with a U.S.-inspired circuit-motif…



K-swapped Honda Fit built by TYPE ONE. This is the same Fit that you see in the background of many of my photos during my last few visits to Spoon Sports/TYPE ONE…


AP Garage E91 M3-styled 3-series wagon…



Banzai Attack and friends talking Civics….


’60s Porsche 356 roadster and a 997 GT3 from modern day…



Volkswagen 181 aka “The Thing” planted to the pavement with the windshield down…


Gotta love a Lamborghini Countach whenever one appears…


Banzai Attack K-swapped EF9 Civic SiR…


Advan RG up front and SSR Type-C in the rear…


Hiro Ueda’s USDM LHD Honda Odyssey on BBS RS….I don’t know how he gets his van this low. Mine rides like complete ass and I’m not nearly as low…





Closing it out with some extra photos of Shota Mori’s personal CA Accord sedan. Such a cool car which is made that much better when you realize Mori’s enthusiasm for it…

That is all folks. Thanks for looking and have a good weekend!…


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