The Chronicles Vlog #7 (Part 2): Life in Osaka Ft. 9010design, AP Garage, and Garage Kiyotaki…

Video and some photos from that day included so make sure to give it a thorough viewing!….

We were just settling into our trip in Part 1, but Part 2 picks up with some more adventures in Osaka. Though there was much to be done still in preparation for Wekfest Japan, we still managed to find some time to stop by some local shops in the Osaka area. Yasu wanted to make sure we made the most of our trip so he brought us to some cool spots to see car shit before getting back to work at Tactical Art. As always, our food adventures coincide with our car adventures so there is food involved. We also check in with Ryan Der to see how his trip in Brazil and Argentina are going…

The beauty of these videos is that they are completely free and you are not forced to watch them. If you do not like what you see, simply close the window and move along with your life. No one is forcing you to watch them. Thanks.

For those who do enjoy them, I appreciate the support.

Garage Kiyotaki was an interesting shop but we didn’t have very much time to hang out there so I was only able to capture a small bit of photos…


Random fact but though they look like a bit of a more “old school” race shop, they are one of only three legit K-Tuned dealers in Osaka…


Garage Kiyotaki K20 CR-X. From the looks of it, the car was going through a big overhaul, maybe even going K-turbo from seeing the parts scattered on the shop floor…


When you don’t have a custom-made intake arm, you just use whatever you have laying around the shop to make it work!…


Big tire and aggressive Volk TE37 wheels front and back with flares for extra clearance…


I don’t believe I had seen this CR-X before other than that day when we visited but you guys may remember the Garage Kiyotaki EG6, which is their more well-known race car. It has the same color scheme and everything. We asked where the Civic was and I guess it is stored at another shop closer to the track that they often drive at…


An S2000 that they had just started building sporting a complete Tracy Sports widebody aero kit. Ironically enough, Tracy Sports is actually just a few steps away from Tactical Art…



The other Garage Kiyotaki EG6 Civic. This one a bit less loud with the black and bronze color scheme. Under the hood is yet another K-swap. I’ve seen so many K-swaps in this region that I think it might be safe to say that Osaka has the largest population of K-swapped Hondas in all of Japan…Don’t quote me on that though…


Random post-dinner photo outside of the restaurant. The orange Ferio belongs to Tomo Sasaki and the white EK3 is owned by Motoki from Phaze2 Japan…

Again, I am not a videographer and this wasn’t meant to be a visual masterpiece of any sort. I am merely capturing bits and pieces of my life for you guys to see.

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StickyDilJoe (@stickydiljoe)
Dougie Salguero (@phaze2dougie_frezh)
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Mao Nakai (@phaze2_mao)
Ryan Der (@ryan.der)

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  1. Stop apologizing, these videos kick ass! Your photography’s great, but a picture can only show so much. Me living in the midwest, your Vlogs have been great insight into the west coast and Japanese sides of this culture. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Joey these vlogs are cool. Thanks for sharing.

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