“Extra Credit” Photo Project for It’s JDM Yo!!…Part 1 of 2…

I was commissioned by my good friend Tony Lee from itsjdmyo.com to create a poster piece for his Spocom Anaheim 2015 booth and display area. He came up with the idea for a school girl and classroom setting so we went out with the girls one afternoon to purchase the outfits for it. It became a full on project soon after and we really wanted to give off the vibe that it was a real classroom so we went and found props to create a faux-classroom within his small shop in Fullerton, CA. The desks, chalkboard, and major items were all acquired from Craigslist, while the smaller items were purchased from a local school supply store. As with most school girl style shoots, we wanted to give off a real sexy vibe while still giving off that hint of innocence. Since we put so much work into creating the set with outfits and all, I turned it into a full-on photo set and captured multiple images of the girls in the classroom setting. The final poster piece ended up being the one with the flying papers, which actually was quite difficult to capture. It required multiple takes but I was overwhelmingly happy with the final result. I think it makes for a unique image that you won’t see anywhere else….



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