The Chronicles Vlog: The Road To Super Lap Battle…(Part 2)

Part 2 documents the most time-intensive task of putting this Civic together; paint and body. Since Yuta decided to go a very unusual route of making S2000 fenders work on the car, a significant amount of work was required to make everything flow together. The rear wheel wells have also been radiused and the new sheet metal panels that make-up the new wheel wells needed to be smoothed out and properly welded to the body. Originally, Yuta had wanted to attempt the fiberglass work on his own but since time was of the essence, we opted to send the car out to let a true auto body professional do the job. Premier Auto Body has done an extensive amount of work on our cars in the past so we entrusted the Civic with Edson and his crew.

Watch the video and after I included some random photos I captured that day…

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