The Rywire ITR Build (2015 Reboot)…Part 3…

Well, it’s October. That means by the end of this month (fingers-crossed), the Rywire Integra Type R build will make it’s first official public appearance at the Year 7 event, followed by a trek to Las Vegas for the annual SEMA event. Most of the car is together now in terms of aesthetics but there is still much to do on the electrical end with all the wiring involved with getting everything tied together. In part 3, Ryan gives us some updates on the recent happenings with the car as well as some basic history on the ITR shell itself. People have wondered why he would do such extensive work to an R chassis he elaborates on why it was an easy decision for him to tear this car apart.

Watch the latest Vlog on the Rywire ITR build below and after that, check out some of the latest photos that I captured during my visit…

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As the days wind down, there will be much more content to come so don’t miss out!!


This is how the ITR looks as if Friday, Oct. 2nd. Ryan and some friends added some vinyl to it to give it a more distinct look and to match the other black contrasting pieces on the chassis…


This is the first set of 17-inch Volk Racing ZE40 wheels in the United States currently. These wheels weren’t set to be officially released until the end of the year but Mackin Industries was kind enough to bring in a set just to debut on the Rywire ITR build. They are front-staggered so the pair up front is 17×9 while the rears are 17×8-in….


The engine bay is starting to look more and more complete as the days go on. You can see a lot of new wiring finding a home in the engine bay while most of the mechanical pieces are already in place…


Ryan’s OMP steering wheel with custom paddle shift controls and electrical components tied together with Deutsch Autosport connectors…



The intercooler piping is in place now and the soft lines for the Quaife sequential gear box have been plumbed. The air lines that control each individual shift of the transmission has also been plumbed with XRP lines….



Custom fabricated fuel injector junction box for the sensors connected to the eight injectors…


The piping from the Golden Eagle intake manifold to the intercooler still hasn’t been mounted yet because of wiring that needs to go in that area but for the most part, this is what the engine bay will look like once its all finished…


Rywire custom engine harness starting to take shape as you can see above…


XRP hoses and Wiggins clamps everywhere. If it needs a hose and fitting, this is what will be used to plumb it…


A closer look at the OMP wheel that Ryan detailed for you above in the Vlog…


Can’t help but think that this is some sort of Xbox steering wheel with the buttons color-coordinated as if it were for the gaming system. Everything on this wheel will be important. Nothing is there just because it “looks cool”…


A backside look at the paddle shift controls…


And here you can see all the different connectors and wiring linked with the steering wheel to an Autosport connector which connects to the dash…



Above is two different angles of the custom made electrical junction box for the Rywire ITR. The piece is all wired individually to Deutsch Autosport connectors and the custom fabricated box has been powdercoated…

That’s a wrap for now. I’ll try to get another update up whenever Ryan finds enough time to stop and give me a tour of the new stuff. Hopefully the car can be fired up towards the last week of October. I’m trying to think of what we can do to commemorate the occasion. Maybe we’ll do a YouTube live stream or something so everyone can witness it together, who knows….

Thanks for looking!!


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