The Chronicles Vlog Presents: MMXV / Year In Review…

What an amazing year. These are some of my favorite moments with some of my favorite people in some of my favorite places. This was my 2015…

“I respond to those who speak ill of me with only the sounds of every new footstep I make all over the world” -J.

This is the amazing year that was 2015. I really wanted to look back on some video that I collected over this past year because so much had happened, it almost didn’t seem real that it all happened in one calendar year. I started piecing the clips together and it turned into something pretty wonderful, I think. I don’t ever claim to have the most of anything, but what I do appreciate about what I have is that I have incredible people around me who drive me to do everything there is to experience the most out of life with what I have. It is a reminder that my hobby is what helped get me to where I am today and what brought all of us together. This was how my 2015 went. Here is to an even better 2016. Cheers.

I don’t claim to be a videographer. Just merely a self-taught individual with a lot of patience who also gets to see a lot of cool shit.

In this video, you will see our adventures in 2015 from Japan, Brazil, California, Washington, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Texas, Las Vegas, and everywhere in-between.

Thank you for your time and your support. It means a lot to me that you guys stick around and continue to watch these videos that I put together. I never thought anyone would care to watch them but my friends but I guess I must have friends everywhere, haha.

-Joey aka “StickyDilJoe”

Song/Music Credit – “Time” Hans Zimmer ft. Satellite Empire (Noise Killerz Remix)

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  1. Beautiful stuff. Happy New Year, see you in 2016.



  2. Cheers on a stellar 2015!! Looking forward to 2016.

  3. Thanks for an awesome year of keeping me sane at work! Thanks for an awesome year of coverage and doing what you do best man. I’m on the site everyday hoping something new is posted! Thanks Joey!

  4. If I’d had the chance to do half of what you’ve done I would’ve been happy for years! Thank you so much for all the cool stuff you’ve posted on your site not just this year but since you started doing this. Happy new year from Norway!

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