Wekfest Florida 2015 Coverage…Part 3 of 3…

Well, this is the last and concluding portion of coverage of Wekfest Florida 2015. It is pretty early in the morning and I’m still at the shop knocking some stuff out before I head home to get some sleep. These photos are pretty much in the same sequence as I shot them early that morning of the show. I typically do my coverage in the morning because most of the time after that is concentrated on judging the Honda/Acura Classes along with the individual classes for the categories in which I’m assigned. It takes quite a bit of time to go through all these cars and then we have to get together to deliberate and what not before the final decisions are made. As you’d expect, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of time to do coverage once the cars are all staged and what not. I do my best to cram all the coverage into like maybe 1 or 2 hours time and then the rest of my day is working on other things. There were some more cars that I really wanted to get photos of but just couldn’t because I ran short of time. Either that or someone was talking to me about something and I merely got distracted. If it were up to me, I would just spend all day walking around, looking at everything, and taking as many photos as I can but that just isn’t reality…

I guess some of you might be here to wait and see if I have some sort of rebuttal in regards to some issues and complaints that have been made in regards to the show. I apologize in that I haven’t really been keeping up with all the hoopla. This happens from time to time and you just have to chalk it up to the old adage that “you just can’t please everyone”. People keep messaging me on Facebook and sending me screenshots of said issues or “shit talk” that might be going on but I honestly haven’t devoted much time to looking at it. I’ve been doing this so long that I am confident that I’ve been called everything that you can possibly think of. Admittedly, in the beginning it sort of bothered me but I’m so desensitized by it that I don’t even waste my time with it. If you really have complaints about the show, please do your due diligence and send in email over to the people that run the event and have a civil discussion with them. I have no idea why people like to think that I am in charge of the event or something. Like, I purposely do not wear any type of Wekfest staff apparel because I am out there as an invited guest judge/media correspondent. Fuck, I don’t even wear my OWN brand or anything Chronicles related when I am at these shows anymore because I try to stay as low-key as possible. If people want to talk to me I am always all-ears and willing to chat with them but a majority of the time, I keep to myself and am just there as an observer. I talk to the guys who I feel are the influencers of that particular area to see their point of view on how their own scene/community is and that is that. I tell you what I see because these are things that I observe and gather from being there. No Facebook posts or social media “call-outs” are going to really entice me to respond or give it any type of dedicated attention. You see things how you see them and the people who follow you will choose to believe what you say or not. The same rules apply here…

It is the holiday season, I’ve wrapped up an incredible year and I honestly couldn’t be in a better mood. Like, I haven’t been this excited about the new year in a long time and for once, being consumed in this industry hasn’t caused me any type of stress or made me lose sleep. The hours in which I don’t sleep, I am spending it with people who are important to me or I’m doing shit here in my shop and getting things done. If people want to talk, please continue to talk. I appreciate the fact that you want to dedicate so much time talking about any particular thing. That shows conviction…

Call me anything you want folks, it doesn’t change how I do things. I came into this doing things my way and I don’t intend to change. I’ve grown and matured over time and admittedly, I don’t always look back and agree on some of the things I’ve said or done, but that is human and that is how we grow. I hope you do the same. I don’t care to argue or fight with people over a simple difference of opinion. The Internet has its pitfalls. It happens. Not everyone needs to agree on everything. It is ridiculous that a difference of opinion turns into personal attacks against people but that just shows a lack of understanding of proper communication.

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” 

We are all fools.

Life goes on.

Have an amazing day.

On to the next one. -J



Mike’s AP1 S2000 with Spoon Sports front bumper, carbon OEM-style hard-top, and custom copper Regamaster EVOs. Additional pieces in the engine bay have also been redone in copper to match the wheels, which are a nice touch…



H2B-powered Honda CR-X on WED’S TC05 wheels redressed to look like a JDM EF8 SiR. Some custom bits to the engine bay include a coil-over-plug conversion, tucked radiator, and -AN fitted and braided cooling hoses with custom water necks….


Magenta vinyl-wrapped CL9 with JDM Accord Euro-R conversion and Enkei NTO3…



Turbocharged single-cam Civic coupe on CCW 3-piece forged LM20….



Integra from XMP with a K-swap and individual throttle bodies. Engine bay is nice and tidy with some areas shaved smooth. Also check out the booster delete and the Wilwood master cylinders paired with custom steel brake lines. I believe this was also a RHD conversion along with the JDM Integra Type R front end…



Turbonetics boosted K20 Civic with a custom center-fed GATO intake manifold. Random observation but I noticed a lot of Honda guys in this particular area often run stock side mirrors. Not necessarily a bad thing, I’m sure someone will misinterpret it and say otherwise, but I do find it interesting since most places I’ve been to, the first thing to usually go are the bulky OEM mirrors. Anyways, this Civic also has a Chargespeed front lip and Team Dynamics wheels, which are incredibly lightweight…


DB8 Integra sedan from XMP on Rays Gram Lights wheels and a P1-Spec front lip and splitter…



Interesting to see this Honda Accord sedan hosting a turbocharged J32 V6 engine….



Turbocharged female-built and owned Civic hatchback that I remember encountering last year during the Wekfest Miami event. I didn’t get a chance to chat with her this year, I believe her name was Aisha, when I was looking over all the Hondas in the building but I remember her being really personable the year before when speaking about her build. Nice to see the car steadily-improving and getting better over time……


Andrew French’s newly completed Subaru WRX STI build with flared fenders and beefy Enkei NT03 wheels in a custom finish…


Ahkeim’s B-series Civic coupe with carbon First Molding front lip, also on Enkei wheels. I remember I was trying to get a shot of the engine bay but someone came up to me to chat, leaving me distracted and I guess I just forgot. It is pretty clean though I should add…



A couple closer shots of Jay from O.C. Garage’s Ferio-inspired Civic build which features a rare Doobie Inc./Purplespeed lip kit. Some cool pieces inside the engine bay like the torque damper and Top Fuel intake arm…



Xul Colon’s Honda Domani which is K-swapped with a GATO intake manifold and crazy exhaust manifold set-up….


Molded widebody Subaru BRZ pancaked to the floor by the Cambergang vendor booth…


The yellow IS300 reppin’ Cambergang with mismatched Work Wheels which you saw in Part 1 of my coverage…


Bagged Mini Cooper S on BBS mesh wheels…


AP2 S2000on really aggressive Blitz Technospeed Z1 wheels and a OEM S2000 CR front lip….


Nice E36 M3 coupe on step-lipped BBS mesh wheels with matching green caps…



This EJ1 Civic coupe looked pretty crazy planted to the convention center floor with chameleon-colored Work Meister CR01 wheels and matching iridescent engine bay. Sitting inside the bay is a turbocharged single cam VTEC engine with a custom turbo manifold that exits right out of the passenger side…


CT Engineering supercharged FA5 Civic sedan on Volk Racing TE37SL…


Bagged Audi S5 on Vossen wheels…



Paul from Fortune Minds’ K24-powered Civic with custom-coated Xcessive center-feed intake manifold. Outside, the Civic hosts a set of Volk Racing RE30 wheels and J’s Racing front lip and vented hood….


Mugen-themed EP3 Civic on old school Racing Hart wheels…



This black EJ1 Civic coupe from Fortune Minds looked pretty timeless with the BYS front lip, 15-inch Regas, and Spoon Sports-themed engine bay…


RPS13 240SX wearing D-Max aero, widened rear quarters, and deep dish Leon Hardiritt Orden wheels….


Mike Robles’ BRG S2000 with CR front lip, OEM-style hard top, and Industry Garage front/rear flares…


Mitsubishi Mirage Technica coupe, which are wildly popular in Puerto Rico, on 3-piece Rotiform wheels. I believe the owner’s name is Christopher. Pretty cool to see one of these, and probably one of the rarer cars inside the building that day…


AP2 S2000 from Royal Republic that came in rolling on BBS LM wheels and then as the show started, the owner switched over to these massive Volk TE37 wheels…


Chrome vinyl-wrapped Honda S2000 with Sorcery front bumper from Fly Automotion…



I actually forgot to capture some photos of this H22-swapped, turbocharged, CB Accord coupe earlier in the day but I made sure to go back to get some photos of it on my GoPro to show you guys. Really cool build, especially since you guys know I love CB Accords. This one is probably one of the nicest ones I’ve seen ever. Engine bay was done right, had a clean turbo set-up, and the whole car has been repainted…


This photo is kinda crappy by this was also with the GoPro. This CR-X was actually really nicely put together with a K-swap and shaved engine bay. I wish I could have taken more photos of it. I was just too busy at the time and towards the end of the day, my camera stuff was stuck behind the DJs in the Wekfest booth so I couldn’t get to it. In any case, this CR-X was super nice…

On that note, that’s a wrap on the Wekfest Florida coverage. Again, sorry I couldn’t get more photos of some of the other cars in the building but it was just a little too hectic the entire day with having to judge and do coverage at the same time. That’s a wrap folks, see you next year hopefully, haha…


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  1. Joey, thanks for all of the hard work you put into the site this year. I really appreciate it, both in VLOG and BLOG form, and as someone working on a ground up build it is motivating to see so many clean and well built vehicles. Continued success in 2016

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