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Hi all, I’m still currently away in Japan doing amazing shit but I thought I’d stop by real quick to show you some of the highlights from my first three full days here in Tokyo. I am collecting all kinds of content right now everyday and I can’t wait to share them with you guys. In the mean time check some of these builds that I came across during my explorations in Japan…


At the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon event, I finally got to see the new Kuhl Racing gold GTR that has been much talked about the last two weeks or so. This thing is even better in person, especially when you watch them do all the engraving work in the paint…


Even the engine of the GTR was gold. Talk about insane…


…Also got to see the popular new Spirit Rei PS13 Silvia in person. This was also pretty amazing…


After Tokyo Auto Salon on Saturday, we hung out for a bit before finally heading down to the Umihotaru for The Chronicles/Autofashion USA/Exceed Night Meeting event. There we spotted this lovely NSX duo….


The T-Demand Toyota Crown looked fantastic. Happy to see the owner made the trek to show support….

Well that’s all for now. Time to get some sleep before more adventures tomorrow. Thanks for the support and for being patient!…


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