Chronicles x August Cascade for Wekfest Seattle 2018…

I guess it goes without saying that I am very excited for this year’s Wekfest Seattle event. Not only will it offer a great grouping of cars from both the Pacific Northwest and Canada, but also because I will be hosting a very special build within my own booth at the show. The August Cascade CR-X has been a looooong time coming. Wayne is one of the front runners back in the “old days” of the Hawaiian import scene that really helped to put that state on the map with Hondas, developing some pretty great cars with his friends. Their cars were considered to be some of the best during that era, even to guys out here in California. He had a mocha CR-X which photos of it still circulate today, 15 years later. He wrecked it, saved the parts of it that were important to him and then built another. Some years down the line he moved to Oregon, where he resides today, and in that time, he found himself wanting to refuel that passion and has been working on this CR-X which takes the best of his two builds and all his knowledge over time to create anew. Some very old parts that he held onto are now mixed in with many new parts, creating something that is both a tribute to his youth and an ode to a very different era in the Honda community. I finally got to meet him in person at last year’s first-ever Wekfest Seattle event and I told him that if he got this car together, I’d love to host it at my booth. Let’s just say things are coming together and we can both make that happen. Ladies and gentlemen, it is going to be a good one, and of the 400+ cars that are going to be there this weekend, this one might be worth the price of admission alone. We are excited to present you with this very special project. A throwback of sorts, built entirely in the garage of some old car guy living in Oregon—It is something that will hopefully reinvigorate that spirit with car enthusiasts young and old. See you there….

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  1. Is he from the old “Team Rice” crew in Hawaii??

  2. Saw the car at Wekfest Seattle, was pretty sure it was the car from Hawaii, blown away to find out its the reincarnation. Was wondering how it got here.

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