HK Bootlegs, Factor Racing, and Where’s Kei Miura??…CHRNCLS Vlog 2020 #3

After Tokyo Auto Salon ended, we headed back to the airport to make a quick trip to Hong Kong. My stay in Japan was going to be about two weeks long and since I have to go back in a few weeks anyway, I didn’t want to stay in Japan for the entire duration and run out of things to do. Instead of taking the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka, we flew to Hong Kong for a few days. I hadn’t been back in almost two decades so I really wanted to see what HK was like in 2020. After that, we hopped right back on another flight to Osaka. Ken had to do his Wekfest business stuff so Yasu and I spent a day or so exploring some tuning shops in the area. We had a meeting with Kei Miura to discuss some future plans but when we got to TRA Kyoto, he was nowhere to be found. The question that lingered was….Where’s Kei Miura??

Joey Lee (@stickydiljoe)
Yasutaka Shimomukai @exceed_japan)
Kenneth Li (@k_thewekfestelite)

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