Ken Suen & His K20 Turbo Civic “Street Car” in Photos…

I’m always a little surprised when something we are able to put together here at the shop gets a little bit more attention than normal. When Ken Suen came by with his car I just thought it’d be interesting to hear him and Yuta chat. Both of these guys are so different in the way they think and do things that it would either become a super interesting conversation or they would just start fighting each other, lol. Whatever was going to happen that afternoon, I was confident it would be something my audience would enjoy seeing. Hell, even I was entertained to the point where I didn’t even have to say much and they just carried the Vlog themselves. Ken’s “street car” turbocharged Civic is something that any Honda enthusiast would enjoy but then you pour some personality onto it with some loud conversation and it just meshes together into great automotive comment. I think this is the type of content you need right now where it just feels like you’re hanging out with other car people and listening to your peers talk about something that you all enjoy as a whole…

Typically when I do our Vlog recordings for YouTube, I try to get a couple of photos of whatever we are shooting so I can use them as stills for the cover art of the videos/intros. When we started filming the other day, I realized I hadn’t seen Ken Suen in quite some time, nor did I have any idea when he would emerge again so I made sure to capture as much of his Civic as I could. The sun was setting already and there was only a few minutes to spare but I think I was able to get a pretty good set of photos. Our shop doesn’t provide that great of a backdrop so I focused mainly on the finer details of his build. I honestly had no idea Ken had become such a good fabricator so I was surprised to see how developed his new “street car” was. I’ve always known that he was a little different and the type of guy that would easily get misunderstood but I knew when I first met him that he had a very different eye for cars. He just had this natural style that was all his own and Ken has this brash type of personality that lends to expression in all of his cars. I’m happy we were able to chat again and we were able to see how much he’s grown since I first met him years ago. Here are the photos from that day…

I’ll also attach a link to the Vlog if you guys stumbled upon the photos first from some other parts of the internet and want to know more of the technical aspects of the build. I feel like they do such a good job of explaining the car in such detail where it would seem redundant to type out again here…




















Watch their discussion and an overview of the KSR “Big Red JR” Civic below…

Thanks for looking!!…

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