Finishing-Up A DC5 Integra For Wekfest Japan…

It’s that time of year again for both the Golden Week holiday and Wekfest Japan! Now that things are starting to get back to normal, everyone can get back to building cars and getting them buttoned-up for the Wekfest event in Nagoya! One of the main reasons I came back to Japan finally was to attend the Wekfest event but before that takes place, we spend an entire day wrapping-up a DC5 Integra build that has been in the works now for the past few months. Parts show-up just in time, good fun was had, we met Yasu’s mom, and more!…

Joey Lee (@stickydiljoe)
Yasu Shimomukai (@exceed_jp)
Masa Chiba (@masachiba)
X-Point Import Co. (@xpoint_import_japan)

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  1. Yasu is the best.

    Please tell him we are all very happy to see him and the old crew again!

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