The 4-Day Transformation Of Our GR86 Build…

I swear, it doesn’t even look like the same car anymore! Just four months ago, we received delivery on our brand new Toyota GR86. We had plans for it but there was a lot of waiting while we collected parts from Japan. It seemed like the project was never going to get started and then boom! All the parts just started coming in all at once! The goal was to get this car to both Wekfest events in California this year so we could showcase the brand new Exceed Japan aero kit for the GR86. As things usually go, the date came out of nowhere and we found ourselves with a short deadline…Just around 4-5 days in fact! So we got right to work and literally had this thing done just in time!

I present to you, the Battlecraft x Exceed Japan Toyota GR86, the first in the country to have the Exceed GR86 it! There’s still much to do but the exterior, aesthetically, is exactly the way we envisioned it. The actual wheels for the car are still in a boat coming from Japan so these loaner TE37SL wheels will do for now. And yes, we changed the lug nuts after we filmed this! A huge thank you goes out to Yokohama Tire for always taking care of us and providing us with the opportunity to be one of the first in North America to run the Advan Neova AD09. We want nothing but the best for this car and I think it will show in the final results!

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