California Dreamin’ At Wekfest San Jose…

With the Battlecraft x Exceed GR86 together now, it was time for me to make the 6-hour drive up to San Jose for the annual Wekfest super show! Not only was I shooting and working the event this year, I also had to make sure to get the GR86 there for display. Our goal was to have this car showcased at the two biggest Wekfest events of the year so it was important for me to get the car to San Jose. The drive itself wasn’t so bad, but it definitely made me remember why I stopped driving so far for shows, lol. Being that it was such a hectic event, I didn’t have too much time to film during the show but I did manage to capture some of what happened behind-the-scenes. After I got back to Los Angeles after the show, I found out that there was another event to attend mid-week so I cleaned-up the GR once again and cruised over!

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