NEW Wheels For Our GR86 Are FINALLY Here!! Plus More Shop Updates!!…

After a few much-needed weeks off, we are finally back with a new episode!! The Rays wheels that we ordered back in February before we even got our GR86 have finally arrived in the USA and it’s time to mount them on the car! The loaner TE37 wheels were a great look and we will definitely miss it a lot but we can’t wait to see if our actual wheels on the GR. We ordered them sight-unseen so who knows if it’ll even actually look good. Will it? You let us know in the comments! It’s been a minute but Der is finally back at work on his Civic as well so we throw in some quick updates on it!

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  1. Great wheels choices for both the GR86 and IS. A breath of fresh air for once and they also look and suit the cars very nicely.

    I am sure Rays appreciates stateside users using their other line of wheels besides VOLK Racing and RAYS ENGINEERING.

    Who knows if this will lead other owners on similar plans.

    Good to see you back. Please update us with Yuta.

    Notice his 240z back there, but he seems mia.

    Chronicles feels kind of different these days without him!

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