Daigo Saito’s Fat Five Land is AMAZING!!…

I’ve been to some pretty cool places in my lifetime but seeing Daigo Saito’s playland in Saitama in-person was truly something unique. Over the past year or so, I’ve seen photos and video of his “Fat Five Land” completed but never thought I’d have the opportunity to see it. My fascination of Japanese drifting has always been more from the perspective of someone looking in from the outside. I don’t really know any Japanese drifters personally and I’ve only watched them on streams and in competition. Fat Five Land was a place I wanted to visit, but it never seemed like it was in the realm of possibility. When Sara hit me up to see if I wanted to go, I was honestly pretty surprised! Of course I said yes and here is another checkmark on a long list of places I have longed to see!…

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