First Time At Fuji Speedway & The Tokyo Underground Meet!!…

Here we go! The day after Tokyo Auto Salon, I decided to skip day 2 and head to Fuji Speedway for a drift event. Normally I’d go to the show but I’ve never been to Fuji Speedway before so I wanted to get a look at the famed race track and see something I normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to. Sara is very much into drifting so she wanted to see what grassroots drifting in Japan was like. I’m always down to see new car stuff so off to Fuji Speedway we went. After that, we regrouped with friends down in Shibuya for the Tokyo Underground meet hosted by Sara and some friends from Level One Japan. She wanted to gather all the S2000s together so they were specifically parked in their own section of the meet while the rest of the underground parking garage was filled to the brim with both tuning cars and enthusiasts. It seemed like everyone from Tokyo Auto Salon gathered here after the show and the meet was an incredible success!

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