Rodrez’s EG for sale…

If you happen to be apart of the Honda community (which I’m sure you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be here), than you have probably heard of the name “Rodrez”. The man is responsible for photographing some of the best Hondas out today. With features in Honda Tuning, C16, Super Street, etc., he has had his eye, and his camera, focused on presenting you the nation’s best.

What many don’t know is that he has built himself quite a car. Although he’s never actually shot his own car, he’s driven it to all the major Honda meets out here in Socal. When I first met Rodrez, I didn’t even know what car he drove because the guy really keeps to himself. Once I got to know the guy, we became pretty good friends and I’ve had alot of opportunities to work with him in the magazine industry. Turns out he’s got himself a Honda Element too and a CR-X before that. He has a great eye for spotting great builds so of course you would expect him to have one of his own. And he certainly does.

I have personally never seen a car on ITB’s that has run and idled so smoothly. The bay is ridiculously clean and the exterior sports some pretty money Backyard Special pieces. I’ve been around this EG for a couple years and it’s every bit as clean now as it was then.

Like many of us who claimed that they would never sell their cars, it has come time for Rodrez to let go. He wants to start on another project and get something that’s more representative of his old age….haha. Now’s your chance to get one of the best EG’s ever built…..The car is loaded, runs perfect, and the price doesn’t make you want to go out and punch babies…..Peep the link for more info…

Rodrez EG for sale

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