Torco Car Show 10/25

Here’s some shots from the Torco show this past Saturday courtesy of DJ Murdock 818….

Big Mike’s Honda Tuning Magazine featured BB4 Prelude….I love this lude. I had the opportunity to write the feature for this car and got to know the guy pretty well. We’re not like “hang out at hookah bars and wear silk pants” kind of friends, cuz Mike does that on his own time….

…If you run into Big Mike ask him about his 3-way foldable broadway mirror…jesus…haha….

Spoon RL, lookin tough….damn…wish I coulda went to see this thing in person….

Salem and his Honda Tuning Magazine cover TSX made an appearance of course, looking clean as always on polished TE’s….

Hmmm…not so sure about this look. Maybe if it was full lowrider themed….but to each his own…. 😉

Good stuff Murdock!

Gotta shout-out the fam bam!

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