Salem’s 2006 CL9 TSX…

This is my boy Salem’s 06 CL9. I first met Salem at J’s Gathering up in Norcal in January and he was a pretty quiet guy at first. Almost too quiet, like serial killer quiet…We ran into some Evo-owners that were trying to get crazy at the show and thats when I realized that this dood was pretty down. Turns out he’s a pretty nice guy, and he’s got a pretty nice ride too….

When I first saw this TSX, it wasn’t near what it is in these pics but I knew it was special. After a couple months, I was informed that Salem would be getting a feature in Honda Tuning magazine. I actually had the opportunity to go to the actual shoot for the mag over in downtown Los Angeles and even had the pleasure of writing the feature.

This is one of the most impressive TSX builds I have ever seen. I’m not just saying that cuz I’m friends with the guy either because I probably have never even told him. The pure subtlety of it and functionality of the parts equipped make it a timeless build. Many years from now we are all gonna look back at this CL9 and it’ll still make sense, you know what I mean? If you get the chance, please pick up a copy of the mag as it’s currently out in circulation right now. Just look for the white TSX on the cover…. :thumbsup:

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