Eibach Coverage Part 1…

Damn what a turn-out…That pretty much sums it up. We showed up at around 12:20 or so and it was packed. Cars were literally spilling out of the lot and there was a long line down to the adjacent street. Luckily Rodrez and the staff let us in and we had pretty prime spots…

I don’t quite have the pics that we took from the event yet so these are just shots that other people took. Credit to whoever shot these…I looked through many threads already and just grabbed what I did temporaily. Some guy took like 30 pics of the sky or some shit leading up to the event and it almost blew up my computer loading all that stuff up. Anyways, I’ve never seen so many people at one meet before. I was a bit puzzled as to why so many people hung out by the gate and outside the meet though instead of walking around to check out the cars inside. I mean, it took you forever just to get inside, why would you then just go back to the outside and stare at cars coming in? Weird…

I hear alot of people on the net bitching about how it was too crowded. Honestly, how the fuck are you gonna complain that there are too many people at a meet? It’s a meet. People spend so much time bitching about how meets are dead and they don’t stay behind because it’s not “poppin” but then when you finally get a meet of this sheer magnitude and all people do is bitch. Just proof to the world that you really can’t please everybody. I mean, it’s not a car show. If it were the case I’m sure things would be more sorted out but no one had any idea that this many people would show up. I also hear alot of people bitching about how alot of the cars were beat up and janky….umm. Yeah so the fuck what? The staff at Eibach and people helping out have no control over how nice people’s cars are. If you’re tired of the janky cars coming, leave your shit at home and car pool with your homies. Haha…I’m probably just joking but still. Honestly, I would rather not see some of the cars that showed up either but then I have a mind of my own and I don’t stand there and stare at them all day. I kinda just use my brain to filter those cars out and check out the nicer cars. You know what I mean?

Someone mentioned that the cars should have been filtered out or turned away if they weren’t up to par. Who’s to judge? And who’s to say that you wouldn’t get turned away right? What if the Eibach staff had impossibly high standards and you got turned away. Then you would have something else to complain about. It’s an endless cycle. I’m sure they were sorry that it rained over the weekend too and you showed up with a sweater on and realized that it’s kinda hot in Corona.

Too many people fail to remember that it was just a meet. It wasn’t even an NWP event where their were awards giving out and what not. It was merely a gathering of enthusiasts. Just so happens that alot of enthusiasts had time to show up. For the three or so Eibach staff members that showed up, they sure did a hell of a job getting as many people in as they could and helping others get in as people went in and out.

If you couldn’t get in, I’m sorry. Nostradamus didn’t even predict that it was gonna be this crowded…Then again others also showed up in a timely fashion and waited for their spots. Complain to those guys who planned ahead…

Coverage and cars that stood out will be up tomorrow. Thanks for viewing….

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  1. you made me read all that and then it ends with no pictures!

    lol. i agree on the people that cry though.

  2. im glad i got to see some celebrities out there. it was great that Rashad Evans and the liquor store attendant from Superbad made it!

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