An Inter-“Lude”…Big Mike drops by to say a few words…

I actually got a couple hundred things going on this week so I figured I would let the man behind the Prelude rebuild himself, Big Mike, speak on his own behalf. It’s rare to see a build spotlighted on a site like this and broadcasted exclusively to it’s readers. Usually you get a couple snippets here and there and boom, you got the finished product. This one will be different. We’re taking you from the beginning to it’s eventual debut at Nisei Showoff and though some aspects will be left to the imagination until then, we’ll try to bring you as close as we can with the details. Big Mike and I think that we have a good thing going here and I couldn’t be happier to be the home of his build. We just want to thank you guys now for reading and hope that you’re as excited for the finished product as we are. I’m gonna hand it off to Big Mike now so he can say a few things….

Vision. Drive. Passion. Work. Blood. Sweat. Love. All of these words
describe what we do, how we do, what we feel, how we feel, and who we
are. And when it comes to our cars, well, I’m sure that all of you
know what I’m talking about.

The Prelude. Ironically fitting words to describe this build covered
here on The Chronicles. I am always thinking, planning, envisioning,
working, saving, watching, and learning. The intelligence, ingenuity,
artistry and creativity that has sprung up within the world of the
elite Honda enthusiast is absolutely amazing to me, and I feed on it.
This new vision that I have for my Prelude is the culmination of ideas
and inspirations and time and money, all of which are flying around,
colliding with each other causing collisions and explosions that lead
to more… and more… and more. It is a never-ending process, and I
love it.

With this rebuild of my Prelude, I have aligned myself with
respectable, reputable, hardworking companies and individuals who
share the same work ethic and passion as me, and I have been honored
by them in return in that they have given me their respect as well. I
am collaborating heavily with a man and a company that I highly
respect and admire, and our business dealings have led to a
sponsorship and more importantly, a friendship. Bisi Ezerioha and
BISIMOTO Engineering will be the title sponsor of the Prelude and I
couldn’t ask for anything more in a company, and neither can you. Take
the time to check out and check out their new
facility located at 1916 S. Lynx Place, Ontario, CA 91761. Another
person and company that is heavily involved in the Prelude rebuild is
Ryan Basseri of After seeing his work on multiple cars
that caught my attention, I started paying closer attention and
scrutinizing the man and his company, and the result is a
collaboration. The end result speaks for itself. Ryan’s skills in
wiring are very well known, but what isn’t well known is his skill in
custom brake lines and fuel setups, amongst other things. All of his
talents and abilities are being utilized in this build, and without
his help it would be excruciatingly difficult to meet the strict
deadlines that I have set for myself. Take the time to check out

Discussion happens right here:

Thank you for reading my thoughts and words, there is more to come.
Till then, God bless.

Were you reading that whole thing in Big Mike’s voice in your head? Haha, creepy ain’t it!…More progress pics coming real soon…

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  1. Big Up’s to Big Mike and Godd Luck with the Build……..

  2. Big Mike + Bisimoto + Rywire + Rarely modded platform


    I can’t think of a word that is better than “win” because “win” is too mundane of a word to describe this build.

  3. dedication is ur name my friend!! best of luck! Peace!

  4. He needs to take his Christmas lights down.

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