Exclusive Content…Big Mike’s Prelude build…Part 5…

This guy…always taking Myspace pics even if he doesn’t have an account….Well things have slowed down a bit due to work and school for Big Mike but he did find some time to take some stuff apart and wash the car even though it was in pieces…

Header and downpipe came off today…

Slightly used RMF header anyone?….

That’s love right there.

In the words of Big Mike:

I can’t let my car be dirty, even when it’s getting torn apart… –

Back with more as it comes…

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  1. Big Mike would hate to see the new vinyl I’ma put on my car “Clean cars don’t have fun” lol, but I have a friend who’s the same way. We have his EK in pieces and he still wants to wash it.

    Those headers are sik, makes me wish I still had my 3rd gen Lude.

  2. yo, i will totally buy that header…. let me know asap.

  3. dang, still washing it even though its being rebuilt? lol

  4. Hey Big Mike, I have been following your lude ever since i saw it in on the cover of Honda Tuning. Im in Colorado and i know people are lovin your car all over the country. Your 4th gen Prelude has gotten more attention than any other lude ive ever seen, but you deserve it. keep it up man, ill be watching! haha Im happy i found it on this sick website, i wasnt suprised to see the entire site is filled with quality builds like yours. Its nice to have this site to see how its done in Cali, most of the kids here are still fast and furious with all ebay parts, so its nice breaking away from the “norm”. you guys are the shit!

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