Man down, someone trying to man up, and NSX news…

Oh man, sorry for the lack of the update that I promised yesterday. I actually received a call earlier in the morning from Mikeyyyy telling me that one of our fellow homies and Phaze2 member was hospitalized. I’d rather not go into details because it’s pretty personal so let’s just say that he’s doing better. He was admitted late Tuesday/early Wednesday morning and was still in the ICU when we went to go see him today. We chilled there for the majority of the afternoon and just hung out and made sure he had everything he needed. Hospitals are pretty weird. Honestly I can say anyone is fond of being in places like that but it really doesn’t help when the nurse is being a bitch. I don’t know if she had a shitty day and I’d give her the benefit of the doubt if I knew her but she just wasn’t very pleasant at all. Very unwilling to communitcate things to us, trying to kick us out when we weren’t really doing anything but sitting there and keeping our friend company, and talking to us like we were children. I would understand if she wanted us gone if visitation hours were over but clearly it wasn’t. Oh well, tought job I guess, can’t really blame her for being shitty. All the other nurses seemed to be really pleasant though so who knows….We’re all keepig our prayers with our friend and hoping for a speedy recovery. Sometimes we forget how mortal we truly are and harsh moments like these act as wake-up calls. We already lost a good one this year, we can’t afford another one, so please everyone keep your thoughts with our friend….

It also acts as a reminder of how tight our bond is among everyone. Situations like this prove that we are more than just a couple of guys with cars. We geniunely care about eachother’s wellbeing and are there at a moment’s call when our friends need us. That’s what defines a group. Not cars, how much money you have, how annoying you may find the other person at the time…none of that matters. When something happens, it’s good to know that people have your back…. I can’t wait until he’s out and about again. He’s the only person that’s more of an asshole than I am and I need him around to make me seem more pleasant, haha… It also sucks to see people you care for with a bunch of tubes in them and a half-filled pee bag on the side of their bed. Homie, get well soon. You’re gonna be a better person when you get out. Don’t let this shit get you down.

Man, so I get home and literally crash out in my room that happens to be hot as fuck since no one was home all day. I pass out and half this fucked up dream that some ghost was taking me away somewhere. Like one of those out of body experiences. It felt as if a big gust of wind or a force like pushed me down and held me on the ground. Fucking weird. These types of things tend to happen to me normally at night which is one of the reasons I sleep so late, so it was pretty weird for it to happen during the day time. Probably because my body was so tired and I had so much shit on my mind. Shit felt pretty real too, the only thing that told me that it was just a dream was because I saw my cat flying through the air, which was almost a bit comical. After I woke up I just pretty much didn’t do shit the whole night. Then Mikey sends me a text to go check out the “low offset” thread on Honda-Tech. This usually is a sign of some kind of debachery or shit talking and of course, this proved to be true again. Apparently some guy was posting up some ridiculous picture of his car or some shit and uttered the words “phase2 aintgotshit”. This was followed by a pic of his car on his new -44 offset wheels.

Now I know our guys are kinda out there with their wheel set-ups sometimes but at least we make an honest effort not to make the cars look utterly retarded like this guy. He also said…

“they do a vehicle up with improper everything and everyone drools over it.

yes the RSs are amazing but they should go on an e30

i am just playing their game at this point. taking it to the extreme to show that they dont have this “i am extreme” game all wrapped up

True, we definitely don’t have the “i am extreme” game “all wrapped up” but apparently you have the “this shit is totally retarded and you’re trying to hard” down pat. You’re not playing our game, you’re on another fucking planet homie. I’m happy that you’ve been inspired though. Means we’re doing something right. It’s too bad that you took that inspiration and did everything wrong. Doing some shit like what you did ain’t gonna get you respect or have people “drool over it” like you say people do with the Phaze2 cars. That shit is laughable.

“its no doubt you have ht by the ballz with your setups and wheel choices. its simply the fact that noone is attempting to get on your level as far as radical wheel setups go that erks me. with out competition there is nothing to strive for”

Uhhh….you win. You can have the “radical wheel set-up” crown and HT’s ballz. We don’t want it anyway. Our guys build cars for ourselves and too our liking. We don’t go out and challenge people or try to get on any level. If people happen to like the cars that come out of our camp, then so be it. We have no control over what people like or dislike. Honestly, it’s a little sad to think you went through all that fab work and labor just to please a bunch of people you don’t know and the results came out like that. The drool, the ballz, you can have it all. I think you deserve something for all that hardwork. You’re almost killing it, all you need now are some yellow foglight film, a bike rack, and some shocker stickers. Then you got the game on lock for the next 20 years or so because there’s no one that will ever top that wheel set-up….EVER. Deloreans going to 2015 don’t even have that kind of set-up….You hit the bandwagon so hard, everyone fell the fuck off….

Aaaaanyways….I got a shitload of stuff for you guys the rest of the week. More Big Mike stuff of course and the NSX’s body panels should be completed soon. I talked to Tony briefly today and everything seems to be on the right track. The panels are getting worked on at a rapid pace and should be in paint by the end of the week. Also gotta dump the old gas out of it and get it running normal again. Hopefully once that is all squared away, we can actually drive this thing into Nisei and not have to push it….


Phaze2 man down, homie is in the hospital and our prayers go out to him….

Phaze2 no longer the low offset kings, some guy with a burberry trunk and -44 offset wheels killed the game and now has HT’s balls and drool all over him. He’s the new king of improper everything.

NSX is getting worked on diligently this week in preparation to get it running by this weekend.

Big Mike’s got more shit for you guys, including some really nice custom fabricated parts and what not.

Quiz is on friday, I’m out.

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  1. Love your blog sticky keep doing your thing meng!
    On another note my prayers go out to your boy fam and friends get well soon man.

    I wonder if that coupe can even be driven…..fucking rediculous what some people do.

    Sammy repping the chronicles all the way from NY

  2. Phaze2 are pioneers..anybody who tries to do low offsets must be humble to Phaze2..
    its like rockin adidas super stars with the fattest laces ever and telling run dmc that they aint thats riDUNKulous..when i do my low offset wheels and people ask..ima show my respect..Phaze2 inspiration all day!!! OH AND THE CHRONICLES..BEST HONDA BLOG I’VE EVER SEEN!!

  3. putting low offset wheels on a honda is damned retarded period. Regardless of who’s doing it, mainly due to the fact it destroys everything that is so great about the double wishbone suspension.

    Might as well do a McPherson conversion on these cars so you can run drag slicks in the back, in the end the wheels don’t power the car so whats the fucking point at running a RWD stagger?

    Mikey did the shit back in ’05 why are people pretending like they discovered dinosaurs?

  4. Sorry to hear about the homie. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and the crew.
    Get well soon.

  5. ” You’re almost killing it, all you need now are some yellow foglight film, a bike rack, and some shocker stickers. Then you got the game on lock for the next 20 years or so because there’s no one that will ever top that wheel set-up….EVER. Deloreans going to 2015 don’t even have that kind of set-up….You hit the bandwagon so hard, everyone fell the fuck off….”

    this part killed me lol. freakin joey “ham sup lo” lee

  6. Who could honestly think that looks anywhere in the spectrum of good? That’s a whole different level of wtf god damn.

    Hope your boy gets better.

  7. thoughts and prayers straight from the pacific ocean!

  8. My prayers go out to your boy, I hope he gets well. It’s good to know that you guys are keepin it real and being there for him. There is alot of doods that I know that have been thru that and no one showed up.

    Also I have to tell you that you are one funny ass dood. “You hit the bandwagon so hard, everyone fell the fuck off….” When I read this I laughed hella loud at work and I work in government haha.

  9. Joey,

    why take the interwebz so serious? He even said the only reason he put those wheels on is because he was bored. They cost him $60. Half of the stuff he said was said with sarcasm and joking. Dont take everything so serious online dude. I know you know that though. He didnt go through any fab or labor. He litterally just slapped them on just for the hell of it.

  10. you these dudes are so mad right now! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  11. ^ well, he WAS talking like a smartass. No one like a shit talker, sarcasm or not.

  12. He’s talking so much shit on our local forum. But he holds back on HT, ha.

    Phaze2 = Often imitated, but never duplicated.
    Big ups to you guys!!

  13. “You hit the bandwagon so hard, everyone fell the fuck off…”

    So much truth in such a simple statement! I hope your friend has a speedy recovery and wish him and the rest of the cali crews the best!

  14. Prayers to your homie.

    Check some of the cars on hellaflush running similar offsets in the rear… to each their own

  15. Internet its serious Business for us 🙂 OK not really lol anayways!!!! 🙂 every time or anytime actually someone “calls us out” in the end its always “he wasn’t even being serious” blah blah blah… 🙂 We are the most chillest group of guys and were always the ones getting “called out” we don’t come into threads call people out, make fun of there set’ups’and say do this and do that, I just find it funny that it has come to a point that u have to call us out because “no one else has stepped there game up and everyone on HT is on your nuts” is that our fault really???

    Joey did just make this guy Famous so big ups to that guy!!! 🙂

  16. From what Ive read on the forums, Phaze2 seems to be a pretty tight nit group, and with the support you guys have for each other, your homie should be back to 100% in no time! my thoughts and prayers go out to yall on the west coast!

    Who ever that guy is on ht that is put waaayyy too much effort in trying to make a point, and from the pictures, he FAILED miserably.

    Anyways, keep up the good work man, sendin east coast love! I look for updates everyday!

  17. this world would be boring without some controversy. hope the homie gets better soon!

  18. I hope your homey gets better and that car looks straight retarded.

  19. that guy with the civic is just a fucking attention whore with no proper direction into his build whatsoever.. just another “ROTA” of the west-coast swag!

  20. Since i am not affiliated with PHAZE2 or this Website i can speak inpolitically correct about this topic.. THAT CAR IS FUCKING NASTY AND LOOKS LIKE SHIT! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. Trends are started in CALI… And DUPLICATED in other states. It WILL always be like this… I dont understand why people out in VA are trying to compete with Phaze2? Quit wasting your time people. Phaze2 builds these cars not to be “the only one” or to see if “anyone else can do it better”. Im pretty sure they build these cars for themselves… So quit wasting your time VA people…

    That Burberry trunk is pimp though.. NOT LOL…

  21. ^ Hey don’t get mad at VA. Get mad at the dude that just happens to lives in VA.
    Don’t down the whole state. He doesn’t represent all of us.

  22. Sorry to hear about your homie being in the Hospital Joey he will be in my prayers.

  23. you know what they say? Virginia is for lovers… NOPE. virginia is for Haters, all VA people do is hate. they have no respect for no cars just there damn civics and integras sitting on rotas.

  24. like “kennyfromVA” said “get mad at the dude that just happens to live in VA.”
    im from VA and i respect all the phase2 cars and the whole West Coast.

  25. dood joey im just trippin out your blogs are gettin as many as 23+ comments! LOL!!! yea i know salem will pull through. i got off early wednesday when i heard the news but by that time i hit the road, may said you guys woulda most likely been gone…. if anything comes up, def let us know… we’ll be out there asap. and yea that civic was pretty funky… hey it looked like a 5 lug conversion tho! LOL

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