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Ah man, nice to be able to sit down and get some shit done for a change. So much stuff going on outside of the car world along with the recent success with our group. As you know, I’ve recently been trying to catch up on all the sticker orders and what not but I’ve also been doing some things outside of this site to help out Import Showoff/Mainstream Productions as well as NWP4LIFE. On top of that I have freelance work for the magazines to do as well and my plate has been pretty full as of late. So it’s not that the site’s been lacking content lately, it’s just that things have been kinda slow lately in terms of what I normally cover here. Not to worry though as I’ve got some things in the works. I have to go snap some pics of David from DPK’s coupe when he finally figures out why theres a small leak in his motor and I still also have to meet up with Big Mike to see the finished product of his Prelude. I didn’t cover over 25 parts of his build not to show you guys how it looked when it was finally finished you know. There’s just some things that Big Mike has to finish up before that’s possible. Nisei was enough of a rush and now he’s just taking his time and finishing up the right way. I have a couple other cars lined up too and I’m actually pretty excited now to use the camera unlike when I first started out…..

Anyways, here’s some stuff that I have been working on. As you all know, the JDM vs DTM Showoff event is scheduled to take place on September 12th within the LA County Fair. So that means that showgoers and people who are competing all get to hang out at the LA County Fair as well as the car show. It seems like a great idea and I hope that it succeeds. I’m sure alot of careful planning took place to make this event happen so let’s all try to make it out there and support Ken Myoshi and the Showoff brand of events. I guess Ken had kinda taken notice of this site and had asked me for some help on images to use for his event flyers. I don’t really mind so I gladly obliged and this was the end result…..

He said he needed something that popped and grabbed people’s attention and what car grabs more of that than Tony’s NSX. The red is sure to catch the eye of County Fair attendees and hopefully it’ll get them over to the show. The flyers are gonna be out front by the entrance along with a Falken display car and model will be on hand to give them out. Sure it seems like small details but to have about 60,000 of these flyers printed and out in the public is always good exposure for Tony’s NSX as well as The Chronicles. If you want to see the car in person and drop by and say what’s up to us, please come check out the show….even if you don’t like the car it’s always fun to eat a giant turkey leg and fried whateverthefuck….

I also put together this image for the upcoming NWP4Life Summer Nights event. It’s big meet that the guys try to throw together every summer at the Eibach Springs facility in Corona, CA. Unlike the annual Eibach meet, because surely someone will ask, this meet is NOT limited to just Hondas and Acuras. I repeat, NOT limited to Hondas and Acuras. It’s just a cool shindig where people come out and chill with everyone else from the NWP4Life forums. These usually get pretty big and are always alot of fun. This event will be the weekend after the LA County Fair Showoff so it should give you guys plenty of things to do for the month of September.

Please spread the word guys. If you could just take this flyer and put it on your forum or wherever you guys go to talk about cars. Get the word out there. NWP Summer Nights is back in full effect.

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  1. Hey Joey that flyer for the fairgrounds show off, where are you having it printed? I work for a large Printing Company and I could probably save you a ton of money on that… especially if you are printing as many as you said you were…
    okay well let me know and shoot me an email at TommyH@RiponPrinters.com.

  2. Any chance to get stickers from you at any event?

  3. Joey I’ll be there.

    Could i get a t-shirt and a sticker at the show?


  4. Ohhh dang i might show up, because this is right after the pann auto raffle and its on my birthday. 🙂
    are you bringing any stickers?

  5. Thanks for the plug! Also look at updated top page image at http://www.showoffcafe.com !

  6. Im planning to attend both events…….

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