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So I’m sure by now that you all must recognize the Element from our group. It’s been around for a couple years now and Ojay recently decided to part it out and retire the car. The Mega Matsuri event marked the final show for it and along with Mikeyyyy’s car, both are now no longer active…

Here is how it sat a couple months back. This is an old pic that I re-edited. Around this time was when the big brakes first went on. Basically everything is off the car now and the Element will spend the rest of its days as simple a daily driver. Here is how it sits as of last night…

If it wasn’t for the gold paint, it probably wouldn’t even be recognizable anymore. I’m bringing this up because he’s moved onto another project and that’s what we’ve been working on the last couple days at Midnight Garage. What does a guy do after building an Element? Well not really quite what you would expect. Though we all love Hondas, sometimes it’s cool to try something else…

…so he decided to go the VIP route and decided to build up a 1st gen. LS400. It still needs alot of work but the essentials definitely come first. UAS air bags, wheels, bodywork, and then paint. After that, everything else will slowly come together. We’ve been over there the last couple days with Ross trying to put the air set-up together and everything should wrap up today. Yah, it’s more non-Honda content for this week but why not. Things are slow otherwise and I figure you guys would like to see what we’re up to…

Here are the 20-inch Brabus wheels that are gonna go on there eventually. You can spot the soon-to-be Rotamaster EMO wheel sitting next to it. I just left it there cuz I got tired of it sitting at my place and I really need to clean it up before I re-spray it….

These things are pretty fuckin huge in person. We test fit them on the car and it looks like a monster truck haha. Probably gonna need to stretch a smaller tire to get the right look down and to be able to get the car on the floor…

Tony with the NSX came by to see what was going on and to hang out. This is his daily and the NSX spends most of its time here at the shop and under a car cover. It should be out there for the JDM vs DTM LA County Fair show so be sure to come by and chat it up….

Here they’re looking at Tony’s trunk set-up for his bags and comparing and contrasting where everything goes…

As usual everybody was bullshitting with eachother while one dude was doing something and eventually…

…everybody got sidetracked and decided to go into the office and watch porn together.

That’s about it for now. Got alot more work on the car today so keep your eyes peeled in the future when this thing starts popping up everywhere….

Back tomorrow with some more random stuff….

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  1. Awesome post! I enjoy reading these “behind the scenes” garage-thingys.

    I hope you’ll keep us updated on the Lexus’s progress.

  2. dang OJ in a UCF10?! the element will be missed for sure. i’m still waiting on may’s ride, ahem.

  3. Oh man the one night I don’t make it Tony shows up. LOL! Well glad the UCF10 is coming along.
    Can’t wait to see it finished with the air/rims/bodykit all done up.

  4. air suspension….CHECK!
    kit…… on the way!
    interior, bla bla bla… all on the way!


  5. LOL on your element haha
    Damn Ojay, LS looking good, I love it. 🙂

  6. LOL on your element
    Damn Ojay, LS looking good, I love it. 🙂

  7. Yes, a new project car can’t wait to see how it turn out. Yep, as usual one guy work on the car and the rest stand around. Haha.

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