Questions before answers….

I’ve been pretty busy this past weekend completing some magazine work so I haven’t really had time to go through all the pictures. I did go to the JDM vs. DTM show and have plenty of pics for you guys so they will be up as soon as I have a free moment but here’s a preview for now of some of the ones I’ve actually gone through….

What the hell are our cars doing in the grass????…….This will probably mark the first and last time we’ll ever do a show out west where we actually park on the grass. It was interesting to say the least….Our cars looked like they were hovering the whole time and some guys looked like they were buried in the field of the horsetrack….

Who were the winners????……..No surprise here guys. We all knew who was going home with something already. The two guys above of course are the usual suspects….

What’s the deal with this?????……Haha….How fitting that the weekend I finally cut Rotamaster EMO stickers is the day I’m actually parked next to someone who’s rocking a set of fake Regamasters….You already know what was gonna happen next. My boy  is holding that shit and I’m not even gonna blur is face. Why? cuz he’s got a mean fucking cauliflower ear and can go apeshits at any time. Haha….how crazy is he? He’ll probably bodyslam your mother. Yeah I said it…

How does the car show work in conjunction with the fair?????….Well here’s a quick glimpse of where the fair was in vicinity to us. It was a great spot and I must say, this will be the first time I’ve ever driven over a dirt horsetrack where the actually rolled out carpet for us to drive over…..

Why is HeyMikeyyyy trying to eat this baby?????……I went to DPK JP’s son’s birthday the next day and kicked it with the homies so if you guys care I took some pics of us just hanging out…..

I got all this and more….check back later. Back to work!!!….PEACE.

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  1. good seeing you again joey, and the rest of the usual suspects. congrats to the winners!

  2. Aw yeah Rota Masters!!!

  3. a couple guys from a forum i frequent took some pics of this show as well. some nice cars for sure, and your car really looks nice dude, haha, they got a couple good shots of it.

  4. I was NOT!!!!! 🙁 i love Kenji!!!! man i want to take him home lol

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