Before we begin…A proper introduction is needed…

With the majority of the show season basically over and done with, I’ve been looking around for inspiration simple because major builds have either been completed or put on hold until the next year. One build however, has been going on for a couple years now. Not because it’s really taken that long but simple because the man behind the build is a busy man, and has had his hand in some of the top Hondas in the Northwest region. The guy I’m referring to is none other than Sean Edwards, or known to most simply as “Status Sean”. There’s been alot of rumbling about this build within our community for a minute now and alot of the hardcore heads have been waiting in anticipation for this car to come out. Some would even go as far as to say that this might be “the best ever”. Like when this Integra comes to life, it will set the new standard. Is it possible? Maybe… Will it be the best ever? Well that can be left to debate…. I’ve known Sean since I began talking to him around the beginning of this year and he’s really a character. Got some strange taste in things and sometimes find the most odd things to be completely hilarious but there’s two things you need to know about him… He’s a grinder and works his ass off on the daily and he really knows his cars. He’s more of an enthusiasts in the automotive world more so than just the Honda community. Being the marketing guy over at Status Racing will do that for you though. He may sound familiar to some of you but for those who absolutely have no idea who or what I’m talking about….this is the DC2 that we’ve all been waiting for…

I remember the first time I saw this car on the net, the color was the first thing that caught my eye because I hadn’t really seen it done before, and it was also the first time I saw polished CPRs. My jaw dropped. It almost made me want to polish the set of CPRs I had but they were so mint that I ultimately just left them alone. I loved this car. So much so that I actually bought the issue of HCI that it was featured in. Back then, I rarely picked up a copy of HCI so seeing this DC2 on the cover caught my attention enough to pick one up. I was honestly kinda upset when I found out that the car was soon taken to pieces and I kinda thought Sean was just one of those guys that builds for features and then cashes in afterward. Knowing Sean now, I understand that I was wrong in assuming so. The guy is a perfectionist and he took it apart to build a better version of it that he was happy with. If you know Status Sean than you probably already know that he’s been blogging for a while now and he’s talked about this car in detail. Again for those of you who don’t know…I’ll let him clue you in on what you’re looking at…

“This was the original idea for the Integra, Aston Martin British Racing Green (Not that new mettalic stuff they use now) CPR’s, and some other stuff. A super simple, clean street car. We ended up painting the car BRG inside and out, only to realize 6 months later when the car saw it’s first ray of sunlight that the color was soooo two thousand and late…….back to the drawing board.” -Status Sean

“We finished* the car in April just in time for a feature article in the March 2007 HCI. We kept the original concept of the car but changed a few things, and finally found a color I was sold on. there were alot of things with the car that I wasn’t super happy about, or as we call them automotive insecurities. I didn’t want to sell the car and have regets on what I should have done, or things I would have done differently. So two weeks after the HCI shoot we tore the car down to a bare shell and started over.”

“Once the car was a bare shell we mounted it up on the spit and took it to the good people at Alternative Blasters Corp. in Marysville WA for some media blasting.”

“We got the car back from media blasting in bare metal.”

“We did some spot welding on the chassis. The goal of this car was to take the idea of a street car as far as you could before sacrificing the cars streetability. I want to drive this car to the beach……that’s about it.”

“After the metal work was completed the car was sent to Powder Coating Inc. where the entire underside, wheel wells, and engine bay were powder coated. We used a new company that offers PC in specific color codes. The color ended up matching pretty decent. Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of the car in it’s powder coated state.”

Yeah, the guy put his car on a rotisserie and powdercoated it. Shits crazy…Well all this happened around June and Sean actually hadn’t really told anybody about it since then. Whenever we talked about it online, he would tell me what was going on with it with some pics. When Steve’s EK hit Honda Tuning, alot of people started asking around who’s car it was in the background of one of the pics….

Guess who? He was actually supposed to come out for Nisei Showoff to hang out for a week but ran into some personal stuff at home and was unable to come down. I thought something had happened to the guy because he hadn’t even been online in forever and no-showed the Cali trip. I just barely began hearing from him again recently and while we were talking about Big Mike’s Prelude, I kinda mentioned that it would be cool to cover his build over here on The Chronicles and guess what? Yeah, it’s here.

Photo courtesy of Gene Tjin

There’s been alot of stuff done to it since the last time Sean talked about it in June. And it’s gonna be my job now to bring it to you guys. Tomorrow I’m gonna provide some updates with where it’s at now. From what he’s told me about this car in the last couple months…I’m just as excited as all of you to see the progress.

Everybody…say hello to Status Sean…and welcome to The Chronicles….

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  1. I guess he won’t update his own blog I get to see more progress here ahah

  2. Seans a great guy and this car will definitely set a new standard. It doesn’t take super rare parts, unncessary parts, etc to have a great build. I’ll take stock parts with attention to detail and an eye for perfection over a rare part and crooked body lines any day of the week. Can’t wait to see more of this build!

  3. Oh Hell Yea! A Washington build. I gotta try to see this in person.
    Thanks for the company links I’ve been trying to find some decent shops in the area for just this thing.


  4. Its nice to see the Northwest getting some love!!! I cant beleive how detailed this build is, to actually tear apart a featured car to build it up even better! Great stuff!!!

  5. I am stoked to see this build, I haven’t been this excited about an integra build since the ff-squad days

  6. wow…cant wait to see more of this one!

  7. hell yeah. Damn I love this fools ride and cant wait for it to be done.

  8. Just when you thought 2009 the year of the build thread was over. hah

  9. WOW! this build will be insane, I can’t wait.
    This was the car I was inspired to do polished CP-R awhile back

  10. Wow didn’t expect this to go up so fast, Thank you Joey. I promise I’ll get some good updates.

  11. SWEEET, I loved this car the first time I saw it too. And more importantly you’re going to be covering his build, shiet, I’m going to be on here everyday.

  12. Serious build!! Can’t wait to see what Sean has in store for this!!

  13. Damn..I cant wait for this…Hopefully we can finally put the finishing touch on the harnesses

  14. I’ll also throw out there that one of the AM7 cars if I am correct had a pair of cpr’s they whored around with each other (were green on the candy red civic) later polished on Noah’s rhd sir hatch.

  15. This is the only build thread/cover that has actually caught my attention. Doing shit how its suppose to be done! Good shit brother!best build thread of 09 and prolly honda history.

  16. Cant wait to hear more about this in the future, this car has been intriguing from the moment I saw it in the background of dagreens shoot!

  17. hanging for the next part of this build sooo bad!

  18. AND THIS ONE… i want to see more teg updates

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