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Okay, so I’m sure most of you guys saw my posts before this one where I talked about Billy’s old Integra that he used to have a couple years ago. If you don’t well, do some catching up and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Anyways, Phaze2 Sid brought to my attention a thread on the G2IC forums just a week or so back where an Integra that looked very similar was crushed in San Diego….well, I went over and looked at the thread, and it’s definitely the same car….

Small world right? Damn, I didn’t even think to ever mention this car until I dug through all my old emails and strangely enough, the car was just crushed a few weeks before. I never knew where the car ended up after Billy traded it but I talked to Billy and apparently the car did end up in San Diego and stayed there for the last couple years. He knows this because the owner had parking tickets and never bothered to take care of them and the tickets arrived at Billy’s place. In any case, let’s clarify the few things that I saw in the thread that were incorrect.

1. The guy that owns(owned) the “1991 Integra XSi” is not the guy that built the car. I’m all for anybody that loves their car and calls it their baby, but come on, let’s keep it 100. Dude didn’t build the car and judging from the most recent pics of it that he posted, nothing has changed on it since it left Billy’s hands other than a janky shiftknob. I feel bad for the guy, I do, nobody should get their car taken away but don’t front. You know what I mean?

2. The car is not a real “1991 Integra XSi”. It was a right hand drive conversion done by the original owner. Billy would be the 3rd owner of it. And this guy, who knows, probably like 4th, 5th, etc…the car was passed around. The Integra had nothing on it other than the conversion and motor. Billy did the wheels, suspension, hood, front lip, cams, brakes, etc. Basically everything. It’s just funny how the dude conveniently avoided the question when someone asked him if it was a real XSi or whether or not it was Billy’s before.

3. The car was crushed because it had none-matching VINs and no paperwork for the engine. That’s why it was taken to begin with. He’ll give you “the basics” because he probably doesn’t want people knowing that it was a conversion. Either that or he outright didn’t know. But if you’ve owned the car for 3 years, it should be pretty clear. You gotta remember that this thing was put together years ago back when people didn’t worry about engine swaps and paperwork or VIN swaps. From what Billy was telling me, the guy that did the conversion was a major fuck-up anyway so of course he didn’t clear the conversion with CHP. That’s gotta be the current owners responsibility to figure that out though before he bought it. Dude was driving this shit around in SAN DIEGO of all places like he wasn’t gonna get caught up. I mean, he can say the cops pulled him over for no reason but clearly, he is driving a RIGHT-HAND DRIVE INTEGRA on the road. Really? Red flag much?

It’s hard enough to drive a Honda in California as is. Sucks the car got crushed, but driving a right-hand drive Integra with non-matching VINs, motor with no paperwork, in a city with a specific taskforce aimmed at taking down imports isn’t the smartest thing to do…. It’s cool that the car remained the same the past 3 years though… I’m hoping this isn’t the same kid that originally got the car from Billy though. I remember a week after the trade happened I saw the car at an NWP night meet and I was walking by the guy as he was bragging to people about how he built the car and answering all these questions like he knew what he was talking about. Funny guy. Better luck on the next purchase my friend…

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  1. People are like that around here also. They buy a car that is already built and claim that they put all the work in. Its especially funny when you konw the original owner that built the car, cuz then you can bs the current owner about all their hard work!

  2. supp man i think i saw those wheels on craigslist san diego.. keep up good work man

  3. crushing cars is such a waste of resources…

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