San Diego Deja Vu Carshow Coverage…SFW Edition…

OH man, some sketchy stuff in this coverage, haha. Well I’m still currently going through the *ahem* good stuff *ahem* but man, let’s just say, that a bunch of pics already got deleted for breaking the terms of service on photobucket. So I’m gonna go ahead and make them all safe for work and include pics with my good buddy The ULTIMATE WARRRRRIOR!!! Haha, anyways, here’s the actual link to some of the regular pics. Majority of them are safe for work and the NSFW stuff is broken off into a separate post…

There’s actually a really nice TSX in there that’s rocking a Chronicles sticker. I mean, it’s really nice without the sticker but with it on there, it got bumped up like 6 cool points. Yah, 6.

Let me sort throught the dirty pics and see what  I can post up but until then, check out the other pics on the 8th Gen. Civic forums….

San Diego Deja Vu Carshow Coverage by 8th Gen. Civic Forums

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  1. hell yea, those chics are beat. thats not even the B-Team. “Hell NO, for the 10th time, I don’t want a dance now leave me alone”!!!!! haha

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