First look at The Chronicles store…

Well, I finally got the items I’m planning on selling up on the storefront. The shirts I have yet to make but they will be ready within the next couple weeks. The first batch of shirts will go to some orders that I have yet to fill too because they sold so quickly that I ran out of the most popular sizes (Large and up, some mediums). Stickers are actually done but I won’t open up the store until I have more made. A lot of people have been hitting me up for the Wek’Fest Edition stickers so you can actually get those before the actual event on February 28th. Everything is viewable right now though, and I’ll let everyone know when they will be available for purchase. Thanks everybody for supporting The Chronicles, I couldn’t have done it without the help of you all…

Here’s a shot of the new sticker design in the Wek’Fest Edition teal on black…

The Chronicles Official Storefront!!

The Chronicles Official Storefront!!

The Chronicles Official Storefront!!

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  1. OPEN THE STORE ALREADY! I’ll sleep outside until it opens! 😛 LOVING THE TEAL!

  2. i want to get a couple of the og stickers.

  3. Decals look good, congrats on getting the store front

  4. Congrats on the new store. You’ve come a long way in the last couple years with The Chronicles. Glad to see it’s doing well.

  5. Loving the Wekfest edition stickers ! I plan on getting a couple to rock on my ride @ Wekfest .

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