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The Chronicles Storefront is now open! …Yes, for all your Chronicles goodies, please headover to the storefront now. There’s a link to the store on the right hand side or you can go there now and purchase your goods by clicking right here. Shirts are not yet available but I will let people know when they will happen. For now, all the stickers are ready for purchase and I am working on more as the days go by. Make sure to grab some of those Wek’Fest edition stickers too while they last….

Adler vs. Relynet… For those of you who are unfamiliar, there’s been an ongoing lawsuit for the past 4-5 years now between Dustin Adler, who created the software that Honda-Tech used to run on (zeroforums) and the friend who stole the software from him and made a fortune off of. Dustin apparently won the case recently and will be awarded a substantial amount of money (we’re talking in the range of a million+). I don’t really venture over to Honda-Tech anymore but I did catch a thread where they were talking about it and the results of the case. If you want to go over there and read all of it, then be my guest. You can visit that thread here. Don’t expect to see any changes over on Honda-Tech though. They switched over to vBB awhile back probably because of this whole thing and I doubt they will ever switch back to the format that everyone loved so much. Internet Brands, who owns Honda-Tech, will probably be going after Michael DiCarlo as well since he failed to inform Internet Brands of this dispute when they first purchased Honda-Tech from this software-stealing ex-friend.

What’s also interesting as a result of this case is that Dustin Adler has been deemed the official and sole owner of Zeroforum. He created the software and there are still a couple sites that have been using it with him not earning anything from it. He states in the Honda-Tech thread that he will be offering Zeroforum at a very affordable cost for sites that want to run the software still. What will happen to sites like NWP4LIFE? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

It’s good to see justice served for a change. Big props to Dustin Adler for seeing this case through and getting back what was rightfully his all along.

Wek’Fest Decor… I’m sure you guys are all enjoying the new “Wek’Fest Edition” layout of the site. I’ll probably be keeping it around until the actual event takes place. The guys at Wek’Sos who are running the event have been very kind to me and Mikeyyyy and the rest of the guys and all of us are definitely looking forward to this event. We make the trek every year and it’s been a blast. This year’s Wek’Fest promises to be the biggest and best. I’m stoked for this event and can’t wait to cruise up there and hang out with all the homies and meet new faces. I will of course have Chronicles stuff on hand available to purchase for showgoers and attendees so make sure to look for me. It also happens to be my birthday as well as a couple other homies and we’ll all be celebrating that weekend….It’s gonna be a blast! for all the info you need!!! for all the info you need!!! for all the info you need!!!

That’s it for today…Make sure to head over to the store if you want to support my ass and the future of this site, thanks everybody!!!

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  1. love the new layout! hopefully the shirts are available in time for the show, i wanna be rockin Chronicles gear at check in!

  2. Joe, are you going to bringing some of those stickers with you to Wek’fest? I am going to be flying out from Houston to San Fran for that event, so I will swing by and say whats up!

  3. Can i do pick up from the Midnight Garage?

  4. store looks good man. it should make orders easier for you to process. see you at sf and wekfest, it will be bananas as usual.

  5. Just bought me some steekars! Booyow! Loving the blog as always man!

  6. sweet..I just ordered 2 stickers 🙂 and will buy more later 🙂

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