Thanks everyone…

Wow the response that I’ve received for the new storefront has been amazing. Thanks to everyone for purchasing goods and supporting The Chronicles. I didn’t expect such a huge response and sales have been really well. I’ve actually had to order a lot more chrome reflective vinyl to keep up with all the orders. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to pick up some Wek’Fest Edition Chronicles stickers, make sure to pick them up so you guys can be the first to have them before the big event in February. They’ve been selling pretty well so make sure to jump on those soon.

I kinda made the Hellasunk stickers as a joke but that’s actually received quite a positive response as well. A lot of the Japanese cats overseas have been grabbing them up real quick too. Hopefully they understand what it means, haha.

I actually found a small batch of the original design of the shirts leftover but in some odd ball sizes. I will be making new shirts shortly but I’d like to get rid of these old ones first. The popular sizes are all sold out but I still have some small shirts leftover and maybe a medium or two. I’ll have to double check but those will probably go up on the storefront soon.

The original Chronicles stickers are sold out temporarily because I just don’t have enough chrome vinyl right now to cut new ones. The new vinyl should be in by next week so I’ll update you guys as soon as those are available again. I didn’t expect people to buy so many of those and so I didn’t bother cutting as many. I did however, cut a lot of the new design and still have those readily available for purchase. The red and black look really good too so don’t be afraid to grab those. I originally only cut a few of those because my buddy Jeremy requested them but they actually came out really nice so I cut more. The guys overseas seem to like them and they’ve already picked up the majority of the red and black. They even got the Wek’Fest Edition ones, why? Not sure, maybe it’s the teal. Either that or Wek’Fest has some sort of cult-like following over there, haha who knows.

Or maybe The Chronicles is a big hit over there….whooo knows…..s….extra s….

For those who ordered, I’m putting all the orders together now and they should be going out beginning to middle of next week. Thanks again guys, I really do appreciate the support. It feels good to know that I have a solid following of people who care.

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  1. can’t wait to get my sticker!

  2. Just like how we imitate the scene in japan. they have a scene there that copies us…

    that’s where your stickers are going to end up.

  3. Will you have HELLASUNK decals at wekfest? im hellasunk +40 offsethaha

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