Fans in Japan…

One of my best customers since the store opened has to be Junki from Japan. We’ve been exchanging emails back and forth trying to figure out how he would go about getting Chronicles goods over to the land of the rising sun. Junki seems like a cool guy who is just as enthusiastic about the US Honda community as we are about Japanese tuning culture. For those of you who don’t know, they have a style over there where they emulate the styling cues of us U.S. car builders. They like USDM stuff like we do with JDM tuning culture. They import all kinds of crazy stuff over here and as bizarre as it may seem sometimes, I’m sure they think the same way about us when we spend ridiculous amounts of money on stuff over there. Anyways, I’ve had quite a response from the guys in Japan and I guess The Chronicles is pretty big over there in their community. They probably see all the Hondas over here rocking the Chronicles stickers and they want to replicate the look. Needless to say, they have really been generous about purchsing stuff from the store. Another big customer of mine and probably the first from overseas is Takeshi Kobayashi from TypeK Autosource. He also imports U.S. goods over there and is a big fan of how we build cars stateside. Takeshi also throws events that are deemed “USDM Jam” which is basically their interpretation of what we do to our cars, which ironically enough, is inspired by Japanese tuning. That’s the great thing about what we do with cars. No matter where we are, we can always draw our inspiration from one another.

In any case, if you guys are interested in seeing more U.S.-inspired JDM goodness, search for “USDM Jam” and a good amount of stuff should come up.

Below is a video that Junki sent to me. It’s a compilation vid of what they do over there. The video is interesting because it really does show the heavy U.S. influence in Japan. They even got hoochies that dress up like our hoochies…haha…

Anyways, enough blabbering, watch the video, definitely interesting stuff…

It won’t allow me to embed it here so just click on the link here to watch it.

Junki ended the last email with a simple request…

“…please show cool JDM. We also enjoy USDM&US/JDM in Japan…”

Will do my friend.

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  1. i wonder if they do LHD conversions

  2. Nice Takeshi is a cool guy.

    for those of you who don’t browse NWP often. Here’s Takeshi’s thread.

  3. thanks Joey….
    but well actually ,the “USDM jam”is belong to
    “yamaz store”( ).
    The owner yamaguchi-san is very famous person on USDM scene in here Japan,
    and I really do have respect on him what he doing.
    anyway keep up good work Joey, looking forward to have stuff from you.

  4. thats pretty kool.. its like a role reversal! lolz

  5. haha… I like how one of them had a cali plate with a Honda of Riverside frame

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