Actually getting things done…

Things may seem a bit slow here but trust me, my plate is full right now. I actually have many things going on. I’m currently busy knowing some things out for Super Street magazine so I’m just gonna stop by and show you guys a couple things that I’ve come across within the last day or two…

First things first…I’ve been getting the shipments ready for the recent orders from The Chronicles storefront. As you can see, the Wek’Fest Edition stickers have been selling like hot cakes so if you want those before the actual event, please head over to the store and grab them now. This isn’t even half the orders from the past week and I’ve been cutting and weeding stickers like crazy trying to keep up. I can’t say thanks enough to all the people that support this site. It gives me a sense of pride knowing that I have people who believe in this site. Shirts should be coming shortly and I can’t wait for those. I’m excited because it’s a whole new design and well, I actually lost my black Chronicles shirt from the first batch and have no idea where it is now…

Sean Bradford, another guy that freelances for HT and Super Street, sent me this pic of his Civic buried in a shit storm of snow today. I’ve been in snow and some pretty cold weather but I can’t imagine living in that kind of weather for a big part of the year. Having my car buried in it is even worse. It is cool to see it happen to other people though, haha. And blatant advertising for this site obviously exists even when shit is consumed in snow. Thanks Sean, when the snow melts and you reunite with your car, please remove that extra chrome vinyl piece between the “c” and the “l” because I obviously forgot to, sorry about that… =P

Last bit of news for the day…I received an email from John Naderi aka Nads today. Nads used to run Super Street mag and briefly Honda Tuning and was actually the head editor when I first started over at HT. He started up Riceboy TV and now runs things over at I haven’t heard from him in awhile but he hit me up because he wanted me to help spread the word that he was selling his Acura RSX. For those of you who have followed Super Street for the last couple of years will probably recognize this RSX because it used to be one of their project cars…

It will make a nice project for whoever picks it up because the exterior hasn’t really been touched and it has some motor work done already but nothing drastic enough to be irreversible. Hopefully one of you guys will pick it up and finish where Nads started. Here’s a description of what’s been done…

Meticulously maintained 2002 Acura RSX Type-S in excellent condition. Original Owner. Car purchased new in August 2001 from Keyes Acura in Van Nuys, CA. All receipts. Interior is like new with minor wear on floor mats. Exterior has no scratches or dents with the exception of minor rock chips on lower part of front bumper. Vehicle was a project car for Super Street magazine and includes many performance modifications including but not limited to:

Toda 2150 Stroker kit, K20 Engine Kit with A3 camshafts, uprated valvesprings, race header, cam sprocket and exhaust; JDM DC5 Integra Type R intake manifold; Injen RS Series Racing intake; RC Engineering 440cc injectors; Ingalls Stiffy Engine Torque Damper; Exedy Hyper Single Clutch; Driveshaft Shop Level 2 axles; ’06 Civic Si LSD and final drive; Gear Speed transmission rebuild; Hondata K-Pro ECU

HKS Hipermax RS coilovers; Toda front sway bar; Energy Suspension motor mount inserts; Carbing Type R Special front and rear strut tower bars and lower arm bar

18×8 +38 Volk Racing CE28NF wheels; Falken Azenis RT-615 tires; Stillen AP Racing front brake with four-piston calipers and two-piece 13-inch cross-drilled rotors; Stillen Brake Pros XD rear rotors; Metal-Matrix pads; stainless steel lines

Acura dealer-optional driving lights; Defi Link Meter System with Control Unit II, and Link-Meter oil pressure, oil temp, water temp gauges, Koyo three-row aluminum radiator

Pretty good price too, here’s a link to his Ebay listing

And here’s a pretty bad picture of Nads himself.

Oh and I randomly caught this on Speedhunters today…this NSX was actually the inspiration behind the modified front bumper on the Phaze2xDoods! NSX. All we had was one pic back then and it changed the look of Tony’s NSX forever…Good stuff…

…and speaking of which, can’t wait to see the NSX on the road again for the drive up to Wek’Fest, shits gonna be a blast!!

Back to work, PEACE.

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  1. good stuff as usual joey. nad’s car is completely a sleeper and a great project to pick up from.

  2. Hey whats man i have an idea you should make diffrent colored backrounds for the chronicles stickers like green,blue,yellow,purple ect. just a suggestion

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