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While I must admit that a big part of me likes how this site was way back in the beginning when I actually had no content and scrambled every night for something to write about, these days there are times when I am literally just to busy to update. I had a lot of fun back then when I had to create and write random ass stuff but as the site grew, so did the content. I no longer had to grab stuff from other sites or from forums and I kinda got the hang of how to operate a camera which helped me a great deal. As time went on, the audience grew as well and to a much larger spectrum. It wasn’t just my homies checking it out anymore and people from all over the world started to check it out. Daily updates became harder to pull off but hopefully the quality of the content has exceeded that of the quantity and you guys no longer care if I throw up random shit that may or may not have anything to do with cars. The sites growth has also opened up many doors for me and whether it has anything to do with me doing work at Super Street or not, I’d like to think that this site was directly involved in Jonathan Wong’s decision to use me. With gigs at both Honda Tuning and Super Street now, I can honestly say that I’ve never been happier working for these mags. They present challenges and cars that I have never even seen before. Writing may seem tedious for some but I geniunely enjoy it. If you guys come on here and one or two days out of the week this site goes updateless, trust me, it’s with good cause…my ass is working. I’m still writing about car stuff for you guys, you just don’t happen to see it until a month or so later. With that said, I just want to let you guys know that the latest issue of Super Street is out on newstands now and I put in a lot of work in it. I’m honored to be a major part of it and I think the features came out great…

It doesn’t really have any Honda content in it, I’m not gonna lie, but if you’re a fan of cars in general, it is definitely the issue to pick up. The cover car alone is worth the 6 bucks. I had a lot of fun putting the written portions of the features together and when Jonathan Wong joked and told me it was the “Joey” issue, I laughed it off and didn’t think that he would mention it in the contributors section of the mag…

Definitely cool to see my hard work recognized and appreciated. I gotta thank Mr. Wong and the rest of the Super Street staff for the opportunity. The dude pictured is definitely not me of course. They already have too many models in the mag. Haha… That and if it were truly the “Joey Issue”, I’m sure my wang would be on the cover. Go out and pick it up so they can make back the money they paid me to stay up all night and write that shit. Like Jay from JDMEGO said…“Support Print”

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  1. It is really, really good to see your passion, enthusiasm, and hard work being noted and respected. It has been crazy to see this site build and develop it’s fan base, and I am truly happy to see what you and it have accomplished thus far. The sky is the limit. As you continue to grow as a writer and as a photographer, I hope that you find even more professional opportunities to express yourself. Congratulations homie.

  2. Big ups! You really deserve it. This is the site that got me into Hondas, you do an amazing job..

  3. Your hard work paid off Joey! You’re on the up and up and im just glad just to know you!

    CONGRATS brother you deserve it!

  4. Great stuff, congrats! 🙂

    I have much love for the CB7 platform, my website says it all.

  5. just got my hands on a copy, good stuff man. you enjoy writing it, the world and i enjoy reading it. one!

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