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As promised, here are some pics that I found on various interwebz sites that had pics from the most recent USDM Jam 7 event. If you guys follow this site then you’ll know exactly what USDM Jam is all about. If not, go ahead and google it or just search under the tags on this site. It will contain further information on everything you need to know about USDM Jam. In a nutshell, it’s basically the Japanese interpretation of our U.S. style of building Hondas. I guess it’s become quite popular over there and the pics below are a good example of how they’ve been able to translate our style onto their cars…Check it out…it’s cool stuff. Some of the cars over there would probably be huge hits over here in the states….

This I believe, is Tetsuya Yamaguchi’s Integra. Yamaguchi is the guy that runs USDM Jam and I always see him working on new stuff on his Facebook. This DC looks great. Bay is tucked and all and the car has great stance…reminds me of someone’s Integra over here. We might even be able to call him “HeyTetsuyyyya”…

I believe this Civic hatch won an award at the USDM Jam event for “Best of Maniac”…Not really sure what that means because I think Google translator may have fucked up the translation but maybe it was for best of show or something. It’s unique to them because of the complete Acura EL front end conversion. They had the Domani over in Japan but getting an EL conversion that was originally meant only for Canadians probably wasn’t an easy task to accomplish…


This is pic is actually what inspired me to make a post about USDM Jam stuff. Love this Integra, everything flows perfectly. If they wanted to bring our style over there then this Integra is probably the perfect example of U.S. execution…

Wish I had a pic of the DC2 next to it as well…

Integra with Acura RSX Type S conversion and great fitment. I hope aggressive fake ass looking Rotas never make it over there…that is definitely one trend that I would not like to see them execute…

They even have USDM inspired models. These girls have the poses and beat-up knees just like our’s!…

The good thing about their models is that most of them actually look over 18…haha…

Nice touch on the radiator hoses…

Beautifully done bay on this EG…

Alot of the pictures you see actually come from the guy that owns this 4 door DB above. I saw older pics of his car too and I gotta say, it was really clean before he did that graphic scheme to his lip and the trunk…Looked much better before. But thanks for the pics sir…

BBS wheels are popular EVERYWHERE…

Another clean hatch with a great bay…

This isn’t a Honda but I had to toss in the HeyMirageeeee….

This unfortunately is a trend that I could do without, in the U.S. and Japan…=P

I’ll end the day on a pair of badass Civic Wagons…

…oh and this…This duo won “Best of Cool”…


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  1. wow the Japanese really have USDM style down to a science. I’m blown away.

    “They even have USDM inspired models. These girls have the poses and beat-up knees just like our’s!…” hahahaha

  2. Awesome man! Just noticed the GUAM plates on the EG hatch 🙂

  3. kick ass. finally catching up on our scene! pretty soon they might end up building much better honda’s than the US lol. oh and AAA truck ftw haha…can you imagine how excited these guys get seeing a US spec car? like how everyone used to flip out when they see a real deal JDM spec car? awesome. =P

  4. o more pictures or links to some galleries if you got them please. =]

  5. pretty good to see honda still represents in japan, i never see any honda driving on the street there, i must not in the right place

  6. Nice coverage and great styling.

  7. Sick!! I should get a EBP EM1 Si and trade someone over in Japan for a integra type r haha.

  8. Joey you weren’t kidding about the EA Civic hatches man. Simple clean formula. Definitely don’t seem much of these around here nor in Japan rather. Except for Bisi’s crazy ass EA hatch and some others that has surfaced lately. It is ironic how the Jap’s are taking styling cues from the US now. Guess the passion for Honda’s are universal.

  9. thankyou for use my Flickrpics! and thank you for publishing my rustyDB!!!
    I also think that the car before it rusts as you say was very beautiful lol
    However, I think it is very honored to be published in media of two or more inside and outside the country including Chronicles thanks to RUSTYHOOD.
    The lip and the trunk in the photo are the USDMjam2010 limitations. To the enjoyment because a different custom is scheduled to be done also next year.
    At the end. I’m sorry in poor English. Thank you for reading.


    • nice DB! do you have more pictures from the event? I think my next trip to japan will have to be scheduled around one of the USDM Jam shows! I would really like to see these cars in person.

  10. Their execution of “our style” is better, more thought out, and much much cleaner than most of the rides I see over here.

    BTW anyone notice the M7’s on that white EG hatch?

  11. Thank you for posted my EL hatch & lot of my friends car.

  12. Those wagons are so hot! I’m browsing the USDM Jam link and can’t find more 🙁

  13. the gray eg is my favorite one

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  15. wow…that grey eg jus shitted on me…

  16. i agree with you joey about the stickered lips and roof rack, but thanks for showing cool stuff like this! we always do things backwards and i love it!

  17. Thank you for posted my delsol

  18. Wow that red ITR is unreal !!!

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