Gotdamn this thing is huge. I think they could have gotten away with something that maybe doesn’t make me have to scroll down for further information about a meet…haha. I can appreciate a car with some nice wheel fitment and stance and being that this meet is so close to my area, I’m gonna cruise by and do some coverage of this. It’ll be nice to get out again and do car stuff. 2 major events are coming up this month and in August so it’s nice to get back into the swing of things. I don’t know too much about Stance Nation other than the fact that my buddy Emerson is apart of it and they make gigantic ass flyers but this looks interesting. I would normally be very interested in going out to a HellaFlush meet but those things are usually so early and I just don’t operate very well between the times of 8am to around noon….because I am sleeping. Anyways, come by and check this meet out, there should be some “unique” cars out with some crazy ass wheel fitment… Oh make sure to check back later in the afternoon. I spent like a couple hours earlier just digging through some pics from the USDM Jam 7.0 event in Japan. There are some awesome Hondas over there with American influence that I want you guys to take a look at…trust me, it’s cool as shit to see our style of Hondas over there…

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  1. Hahah Joey! Thanks for the support! I’ll see you there!

  2. You gonna post up the USDM Jam coverage? I was looking through them too. Those guys are pretty usdm slick down there… grilling hot dogs… chilli… and using Mccormick spices. lol!

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