Video time…

Ehh, definitely not nearly as funny as the first one but that’s how it usually works. The first one kinda came out of nowhere and a lot of people liked it. This one you should go in with lowered expectations. I know the site has slowed down a bit since not too many events are going on anymore but I am working hard on THE event to attend to close out 2010. Just sit through the video and it should explain some more things to you guys. I’ll get more details as soon as I get them. I’m currently working on the floor plan and trying to figure out how everything is going to work…Oh and those of you who are waiting on sticker and shirt orders, those are definitely going out ASAP…Anyways…enjoy…

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  1. I had several LOL momments watching that clip joey =P

    Can’t wait for event!!

  2. lol at the gps navigation line.

  3. “I hope you like anal….”. That had to have been the most perfect ending! Funny shit Joey.

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