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So uhh…as you guys know, I got a new computer recently so I was busy moving everything over. The only issue I had really was getting the sticker cutter and the vinyl cutting program to work with Windows 7. I’m not a big fan of Windows 7 but I finally figured it out so for you guys that are waiting on your orders, they are going out today. I just had to catch up on some orders first and I sent out a giant batch of them today so you guys who are waiting should expect them shortly…

Also, I’m currently working on the details of The Chronicles 2-Year Anniversary meet and the FAQ should be finished shortly. I’m actually gonna work on that once I finish up whatever I’m doing here, also known as sleeping. The VIP spots will go up for sale soon in the storefront and I will make the announcement when they go up. Not really sure how quickly the spots are gonna go but I already have people hitting me up on Facebook about the spots and everyone is gonna have to wait. It takes quite a bit of time for me to organize everything on my own plus there is other mag work coming in that I am also working on. That and I am also busy playing Madden 11 so yeah, things are moving along at a steady pace…

So anyways, as most of you know, I am quite the “adult movie” connoisseur. Okay, not really but yes, probably. Like any normal guy from our generation, I enjoy, sandwiches, Street Fighter, and the occassional pRon. It’s like watching basketball, sometimes you may catch a dunk that you didn’t know existed before and once you see that dunk, you want to go and see if you can do that dunk. Or if you can’t jump, you imagine being able to do that dunk repeatedly. Haha…but yeah, I am also a fan of box office hit movies, like Avatar. What would make the world a better place you ask? Weeeellll…combining the box office hit movie with some good ole’ penetration and you have the solution to world peace. I recently discovered that there is a newly released Avatar XXX parody. Unlike the actual Avatar movie, I don’t think they’re so much worried about the fucking tree burning down or whatever and more concentrating on screwing eachother. What is directly related to the original Avatar, is that it is in 3D. So I imagine there would be segments of the movie where you would have to violently dodge a incoming spooge shot, and not of your own spunk, but the spunk of the Naa’vi. I was hanging out with my Phaze2 fam bam yesterday and while we were at Mel’s Diner, the subject of the Avatar XXX movie came up. How did it come up? Well, dirty pornos usually appear in conversation out of nowhere because it is important for the survival of future generations, or something like that….I was telling Salem about it and May brought up a really good question that I am sure you are all wondering….

May – “Do they like, connect ponytails in the XXX version like in the original Avatar movie?”

StickyDilJoe – “Nooooo…from the preview pictures that I have seen, there are things that connect but they definitely aren’t ponytails. The only ponytail contact I spotted weren’t actually ponytails but more like penises going into vaginas, and/or penis to mouth contact. They don’t connect hair of any sorts because the female Naa’vi, apparently, are completely shaven. There might also be ponytail to what looks like Naa’vi asshole but that ponytail might also be a human flesh colored penis attached to a blue Naa’vi man.”

So in summary…No, they do not connect ponytails. But hey, you never know…I haven’t actually seen the movie yet but I’m sure they include some form of ponytail contact.

Don’t believe me? Well see for yourself…

I believe this to be somewhat of a Naa’vi spirit rain forest festival. In the back, you can see them doing their native dance, with no ponytail contact. The human in front is obviously doing some form of Naa’vi worship…

This…is also not ponytail mating. I guess this is the Naa’vi version of what I believe to be the spinning piledriver aka the drill aka the Chinese Wheel Barrel technique. Imagine this is stunning 3D.

So yeah, once I get ahold of this movie, I will let you guys know what it’s about. Big Mike posted up a question on Facebook asking if it’s always true that sequels are never better than the original movie, but this one looks like it might break that mold…you just never know.

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  1. What is this I don’t even….


  3. what am i going to do with you………goodness…..thats why my parents dont need to know what your site is..lol

  4. LOL.. I was reading this over at Franklin Auto Body, and everyone that walked in was like, “WTF are you looking at?!?”

  5. normally i come here just for pics………………. so im a bit confruze? lulz.

  6. Um…definitely missing the NSFW at the top…(that was a close one)

  7. you know…not surprised at all that this was made, or that you would post about it. =P

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