Well this is getting interesting…

Some cool stuff added for The Chronicles 2-Year Anniversary Meet….I got a message on Facebook early yesterday from Gene Tjin and he told me that he and his brother were finishing the Tjin Edition Roadshow on the west coast and would like to be a part of the meet. They want to do their whole truck/rig set-up with some of the Tjin Edition democars and I couldn’t be more honored to have them there. It’s crazy how they even know about it. I know Gene follows this site on occassion but to have these guys at the meet showing their support is a wonderful thing. I have the perfect location in mind for them on the lot so this opportunity is a great addition to the 2-year anniversary celebration.

Don’t know who the Tjin brothers are? Well read more about it on the official Tjin Edition Roadshow website.

I’ll have more details when I find out what cars that plan to bring out but either way, this is a great thing. Even more reason now to come out and chill at the meet!…

On another note, VIP parking spots up front should go on sale later tonight so if you guys are planning on parking up front, make sure to grab those spots because they might go fast. People that purchase the spots will get guaranteed parking in the front part of the Eibach lot and will also get a limited edition sticker that they will be asked to put on their car so that it makes parking that much easier. We need to get everyone inside in a timely manner so the sticker will help give us indication that you have a VIP spot. All the info will be included in the FAQ that will also come when the spots go up in The Chronicles storefront…

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  1. That Camaro is awesome. And I hate Camaros.

  2. Good shit man!!!! the Tjin brothers set up is going to be sick! those guys are cool dudes.

  3. We’re glad to come out and support the site and finally get a chance to display some of the cars out here on the West Coast. Thanks for the opportunity, Joey!

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