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Damn, is it Tuesday already? Seems like Wekfest 2011 is fast approaching. With so much going on, it’s crazy to think that this huge event is less than 2 weeks away! I’ll make an official post about it tomorrow but today I’m just going to drop off some quick info for you guys…

The Chronicles Storefront: I’ve been frantically trying to get all my merchandise together in time for Wekfest in San Francisco. Whenever I have a free moment, it is spent cutting stickers for the event and making sure I have enough for the booth at the show. I’ve also finally had a chance to get the shirts made. I just dropped them off today to be printed and I should have plenty in time for the event. I would have had these done earlier but my normal t-shirt guy has for whatever reason, decided to fall off the face of the Earth and I’ve had to look for someone else who is good to print my shirts for me. I’m actually going to be closing up the store in the next couple days so that I have ample time to work on stuff for the show. All pending orders will be sent out in a large batch tomorrow morning so if you haven’t received your stuff yet, it’s coming. If you guys would like to purchase some things and have them by the show or by next week, you should probably do so now so that I have time to send those out to you. Once the store is closed, I won’t be re-opening it until probably after Wekfest.

Super Street magazine: One of the main reasons why my plate has been pretty full lately is because work has picked up over at Super Street and Honda Tuning. The start of the year is usually pretty hectic and I’m glad that I’ve been getting so much work. That means that you guys get to hear me ramble on in print and not just on The Chronicles, haha. This particular month, I did three stories for Super Street, all non-Honda related. One of them is about a pretty nice, purpose-built RX-7 from Australia of all places. The other is about the JGTC-style widebody AE86 Corolla that I talked about during SEMA of last year. It’s the red one that was built by none-other than Stephan Papadakis. It’s a cool build with a BEAM’S 3S-GE motor and individual throttle bodies. It’s unique in that it doesn’t look like your typical AE86-build and Papadakis and his crew went out of their way to do so purposely. The third story is about a Subaru WRX wagon from Norcal. It’s a Team Hybrid car and is one of the best looking wagons I’ve ever seen. Scott Dukes, auto photography extraordinaire, shot the car and as usual, the pics came out great. When I first heard of the car and started the story on it, I had no idea that it was painted by Sunny Wong at Franklin Autobody. Sunny of course, is one of the homies and does most of the paintwork for many of the ATS Garage guys. It’s cool to see his work outside of the regular Hondas that we’ve all come to know and you guys should definitely check it out when you get the chance. The magazine has been on newstands for over a week now so you should have no problem finding it. Thanks to all of you guys who continue to support print, because my ass needs to get paid! Haha..

Back tomorrow with some more stuff….


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  1. I just picked up a copy this afternoon! I’ll always support print, I love sitting down with a drink and a new magazine to flip through.

  2. Joe Bacigalupi’s WRX!! When I was reading the magazine article, I noticed that you wrote it. Pretty cool!!

  3. Hey, been a follower of the blog for awhile. Good write up on the Impreza Wagon. I pricked up the copy a couple weeks ago

  4. just read this last night. i always love that you stay super professional in articles such as this (always well written), and then go completely ape-ish with randomness on your blog. lovely!

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