214 so far…

Salem recently went to go test out his new aftermarket throttle body by Skunk2. This particular piece is significant because it’s the first aftermarket throttle body for the K motors that are drive-by-wire. This of course means, that the throttle is controlled electronically and not by cable like most older Honda engines. I talked to him a couple days before that and he was telling me how responsive it is and how smoothly it responds. I’ve never dealt with anything drive-by-wire before so I couldn’t really tell you the differences with a stock and aftermarket throttle body but so far, Salem is pretty impressed by the low and mid range response. He dyno’d the car once before with the J’s Racing header and exhaust and you can see the number represented in the first line of the graph. The line below it is what the car is making currently with the Skunk2 “Black Series” throttle body, composite fuel rail, and intake manifold. 214HP on those motors isn’t too bad, with everything stock internally. Once he gets into the guts of the motor is when the real fun begins.

I normally wouldn’t post stuff like this because it almost seems like it’s blatant advertising but I thought I would just because of the whole drive-by-wire issue with those cars and now guys actually have options. I’m sure the product still needs some seat time to see how it does long term but it looks promising so far. I also thought I’d post it because I’m always happy to see Salem continue to work on his car. His car hit the cover of Honda Tuning a couple years back and he still continues to improve on his build. He doesn’t just sit back and just let his car sit or attempt to sell it to build something else. He’s my boy and has had to deal with alot of crazy stuff in his life the last year or so and I’m personally amazed to see that he’s still motivated everyday to improve on his car. He absolutely loves his car and he’s great for the TSX community because he’s always testing out new parts and making sure that their market is expanding. Most others would have just given up on the project long ago omce they got their magazine cover, but he continues to move forward. I’ve included some pictures below that were shot by DJ Murdock. Thanks for looking…

214HP/166TQ….and more to come…

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  1. congrats on the numbers Salem.

  2. I like seeing stuff like this Joey, so don’t hesitate to post it up.

  3. salem! my favorite tsx

  4. car looks great! nice numbers!

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