T-Shirt Tiiiiiiimmmmeee….

Shirts came in today! I’m pretty happy with them and now it’s time to load them up and get them ready for Wekfest this weekend. The show will be the debut for the new shirts as well as the new stickers, so make sure to come out and grab some of those if you want to support The Chronicles. I’m busy running around doing a million things today but I thought I’d stop by to give you guys a preview of what the shirts look like. They will come in black and white again as usual but I’ve added some new things. For you guys who aren’t going to Wekfest, they will be available online in the storefront after I get back from Norcal but hopefully I’ll still have all sizes available to you guys. Anyways, time to head out…thanks for your continued support…

Exclusively at Wekfest!!

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  1. Illllllllllllllllllllllll shirts!!

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